Five Favorites: Garden Gloves

Garden gloves play an important role in your gardening toolkit, they are the first line of defense from painful injuries from thorns and needles when caring for your plants. When it comes to working with my own plants, I will keep a few different types of gloves nearby depending on what plant I’m caring for.

I have specific heavy-duty cowhide leather gloves that I use for my big needle cacti and I use my nitrile-coated gloves when I need more dexterity when I’m gardening. Given my affinity for manicured nails, I am sure to always wear gloves no matter if I’m doing indoor or outdoor gardening.

The five gardening gloves we have listed are great for women gardeners and some are available in multiple sizes so can be an option for any gardener.

There are so many options to choose from depending on what style you want, your budget, and what types of gardening you do.

In case you don’t have a local garden center nearby, I’ve listed garden gloves that are all available to buy on Amazon.

Our Five Favorite Gardening Gloves:

1. Nitrile Coated 2 Pack Gloves | Amazon

lime green garden gloves with white nitrile coating text on top of garden glove reads wildflower tools from amazon

Smooth palm nitrile-coated gloves are needed when working with thorny plants, they don’t restrict your movements and make care a breeze. I never handle a prickly cactus without having on one or two layers of nitrile gloves. It’s great that these come in a 2-pack so if you need to double layer you will have 2 pairs on hand.

These are definitely my preferred types of gloves when I do cactus repotting. I also like that they are comfortable gloves with a snug fit, they make for a good option for any type of gardening you are doing.

2. Dotted Nitrile Coated Gloves | Amazon

purple gloves with black nitrile coating and nitrile coated dots for grip text on glove reads guardian angel from Amazon

Nell uses these nitrile-dipped garden gloves, they are abrasion resistant and have an elastic wrist for a secure and snug fit at all times. The fit of these gloves helps to keep out unwanted dirt and debris.

They offer great movement and the darker color helps camouflage the wear and tear that comes with plant repotting. The nitrile dotted palm also provides a superior grip when handling tools and doing yard work.

3. High Performance Touch Screen Garden Gloves | Amazon

greenish blue garden gloves with coral floral design touch screen with wrist straps available at Amazon

Designed with both function and fashion in mind, these cute gloves are great for working in your home garden. Having the adjustable straps allows for a snug fit and easy removal. I really like the design, it adds a bit of flair and personality.

They are available in different sizes and designs. These gloves will help you become a green thumb in no time.

4. Long Forearm Protection Garden Gloves | Amazon

long forearm protection garden gloves light purple and tan text on glove reads hand master available at Amazon

Having forearm protection can be a real necessity when pruning a thorny plant. These would be a good choice for pruning a bougainvillea or rose bushes. We like the puncture-resistant padded palm and reinforced fingertips for extra protection.

They’re available in multiple colors and size ranges. They fit comfortably and are like a second skin when you have them on.

5. Heavy Duty Cowhide Leather Garden Gloves | Amazon

yellow leather cowhide glove full forearm coverage text on glove reads slarmor from Amazon

These are some real heavy-duty gloves, made from carefully selected high-quality 100% cowhide leather. They will be softer to touch and breathable.

Gloves like these are what I wear when working with long needle cactus or very sharp thorny plants. These have been a real lifesaver when it comes to working with Sonoran desert plants.

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We hope this list of garden gloves helps you find the perfect match for your gardening needs!

Happy Gardening,


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