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15 Favorite Succulents at Joy Us Garden

We love, love succulents! Here are 15 of our current favorite succulents along with posts & videos on how to grow & care for them.

favourite succulents

At Joy Us garden, succulents really rock our world. It’s downright impossible to pick our favorite succulents because they’re all oh so wonderful.

We did our best and made a list of our current 15 favorites (who knows, that could change next week!) so that if you are new to them, you can start with one of these. If you already love and collect them you might find 1 or 2 new ones to keep your affair with succulents keepin’ on.

We love telling you everything we know and have learned about these fascinating plants so it seems that this is a fine way to wrap up 2016. They’re fun to decorate with and we look for unusual ways to craft with them.

List of Our Favorite Succulents


String Of Pearls leads the parade because it’s so darned playful & whimsical. It ‘s not the easiest or fastest growing succulent, but it’s worth the effort and time. If you want to propagate or grow it outdoors click here & as a houseplant here.

string of pearls plant


If you want to have a far-out & fabulous succulent which grows into a small tree, then look no further – you’ve found it: it’s the Pencil Cactus!

pencil cactus in pot


Aloe isn’t just another pretty succulent which makes a fine houseplant, it’s also one of the best known medicinal plants.

aloe vera in outdoor garden


Fishhook Senecio is a trailing succulent which grows like crazy & is super easy to care for. And, you’ll keep your friends well supplied with cuttings!

fishhooks senecio


You can add a pop of orange zest to your garden if you plant this very vibrant sedum.

copperstone sedum


Everyone seems to have an opinion on the Jade Plant.  Some love it & others hate it.  No matter how you feel about it, this is 1 of the easiest care plants both indoors & out. Plus, they come in many sizes, forms and with different leaf patterning.

jade plant


Succulents are easy to propagate but Hens & Chicks do it for you, hence the common name. Just look at the picture & you’ll see tons of babies and larger rosettes just waiting to be cut out of the patch.  These sempervivums are low maintenance (like all succulents!) & work well indoors too.

hens and chicks


Looking at this award wining succulent is like a day full of sunshine – radiant, warm & good mood inducing. The huge & colorful rosettes always catch my attention & make me smile!

sunburst aeonium


This very floriferous plant is usually sold as a short term blooming houseplant & makes quite a splash of color. You can find it in white, pink, red, yellow & orange.

purple kalanchoe


This time of the year you’ll see the Christmas Cactus everywhere. The flowers are so appealing for the holidays & this one makes a fine houseplant to boot.

christmas cactus


I love the way this one grows into a small sub & develops patterned stems. The foliage runs the gamut from green to burgundy/purple to deep black/purple.

Favorite succulents


This wacky succulent spreads & grows like crazy so make sure you have enough room for it in your garden. I planted mine from a 4″ pot & it twined up & through my ginormous rosemary – survival of the fittest!

narrowleaf chalksticks


Paddle Plant has really become a favorite in the past 10 years. Its big flappy leaves are oh so appealing both in the garden & in the house.

paddle plant cuttings


This agave might be a bit harder for you to find but it’s worth the search. It grows in a twisted form & is tough as nails.


If you want a hanging succulent, the Burro’s Tail is very handsome & well worth consideration. I’ve given away so many cuttings of this plant that it’s crazy – it just keeps on giving!

Favorite succulents


It’s December – we just had to include these Poinsettias!
close up of a very large poinsettia variegated with red & cream

Do you love succulents too? What are your favorite succulents?

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  1. HappyNew Year Nell and Lucy!
    Thank you for this wonderful email! I love string of pearls, but have only tried to have one once. You have inspired me to try again. Hen and chicks are another fave of mine. I don’t recall ever seeing them before moving up here.
    I hope you girls know how much we all appreciate your informative and fun videos!
    Love and peace,

  2. Happy New Year to you Doreen, & thank you so much! Lucy is here visiting me in Tucson & we’re busy working away. I’m glad you enjoyed this post because we enjoyed putting it together. Big hugs to you, Nell & Lucy xxoo

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