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Every Party Needs Cascarones!

Lady Dahlia always says:  Viva La Fiesta!

No fiesta is complete without these hollowed out, decorated eggs which are filled with confetti and then cracked over someone’s head.  This long standing tradition of merrymaking dates back to 1848 and made its debut in Santa Barbara in 1924 in conjunction with the opening of the Lobero Theatre.  Old Spanish Days is a  five-day annual event celebrating our City’s Andalusian heritage and features rodeos, parades, music, dancing and much more.

A close up of what your friend will soon have on their head.

Case in point.

You can also buy bags filled with confetti.

This is how the streets look – it gets cleaned up in no time though!

Soccer is very popular here.

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is just over the hill in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley.

And the nature series.

And our favorite eggs  …  the ladybugs!

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