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Epipactis gigantea “Serpentine Night”

An Epipactis gigantea "Serpentine Night" w/c can be found in moist places of California that has a reddish purple color and bearing an orange-brown-yellow flowers.

Ohhh … This Orchid Sounds Exotic and Dangerous. The common name of this plant, which is also a California Native by the way, is Stream Orchid … not quite as mysterious as its Latin counterpart. It goes dormant at the first sign of a drought and usually reappears in February. I saw a patch of them last month at The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden when I turned around from this vista.

Serpentine Night or commonly called Stream Orchid w/c also be found at Santa Barbara botanic garden.

This Orchid spreads by rhizomes and apparently at a slow rate.

A vibrant color of serpentine night orchid spreads by rhizomes.

The fact that the foliage is purple and the flowers a contrasting yellow/orange make it quite striking indeed.

A reddish purple form of serpentine night stream orchid, the best foliage of any kind that bearing an orange-brown-yellow flowers.

This sign tells you a little more about it along with how it attracts pollinators.

A Serpentine Night / Stream Orchid sign visible in the garden.

One last look at its flowers close up.

Close up photo of Serpentine Night / Stream Orchid.


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