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The Easy Way To Hang Air Plants, Succulents & Flowers

Want to hang your air plants, succulents or flowers? Here's an easy way to do it. The materials needed are few so check out the step by steps on this quick DIY.

easy way to hang air plants

Hang them from the trees, on a door, from the ceiling – anywhere you’d like!

I usually have 5 projects going at once so I’m all about saving time. The faster I do things, the more I can get done. This one you’re about to see here goes together so quickly that you’ll be shouting “eureka”! Here is the easy way to hang air plants, succulents and flowers.

hang air plants, succulents & flowers

This little bundle of statice hangs off the kitty knocker on my front door. It’s a sweet little pop of color.

You’ll see the actual technique I used in the video below. And believe me, this is 1 quick and easy technique. No tangled up mess of fishing line used here. You’ll be hanging your living beauties in now time flat. The ingredients you’ll need are:

1) wire cutters

2) bendable aluminum floral wire, available in many colors

3) preserved, colored Spanish moss, available in many colors

4) colored reindeer moss, available in many colors

5) air plants, succulents &/or flowers – the choice is yours

Both the wire and the mosses are sold in some jazzy colors. If you wanted a wilder look you could use fuchsia wire and purple moss. Something a bit more modern might be a combo of the undyed, grey Spanish moss with silver wire. For a natural look try sheet moss with copper wire. The possibilities are many and the look is up to you!

First up, the hanging of the air plants and the succulent. The pictures below will provide an abbreviated pictorial step by step. Check out the video below to see me making these little living, hanging gems in real time.

hang air plants, succulents & flowers

Here are materials I used, not much needed for this project. The succulent is my adorable new Aeonium “Suncup” – some of the foliage is variegated & some is pure ivory/white.

hang air plants, succulents & flowers

Here’s the smaller air plant all ready to hang. As you can see, the wire is wrapped around a few times. This project took about a minute!

hang air plants, succulents & flowers

The large tilly took a bit longer because I ornamented it with shells. I simply threaded the wire through a hole in the shells.

hang air plants, succulents & flowers

After threading the 3rd shell through, I tightly bent the wire down to hold it in place.

hang air plants, succulents & flowers

I wrapped the Aeonium in bright chartreuse reindeer moss. I curlycued the wire on the right a bit. It’s easy to do & stays in place.

Tip: If you want keep these alive & kicking, them simply spray the air plants, moss & once a week (maybe twice if the air is really dry where you are). The succulents just need to have the moss sprayed every 2-3 weeks. Be sure to keep them both out of direct sun.

The flowers are done in the same way except I used floral water tubes to put the stems into. This keeps them fresher for longer. I then wrapped the moss and wire around the tubes to hide them. The statice is dried already so that didn’t need a tube.

hang air plants, succulents & flowers

The materials used to hang the flowers. The blooms I used were zinnias, bachelor’s buttons, black scabiosas & statice.

hang air plants, succulents & flowers

 The blooms all set to go. They’d be fun hanging from trees or the ceiling for a wedding or party.

Tip: If you’re doing this for an event that runs a few hours or so, you could save time skip the tubes. Simply use long lasting flowers like zinnias, marigolds, carnations, alstroemeria, mums, etc. You can always go the dried route & use statice or strawflowers.

hang air plants, succulents & flowers

This air plant looks lovely hanging in my loquat tree. It’s seen it every time you walk up & down my front steps. Smile!

I love easy projects because that means I’ll have lots of time to do more creating … or relaxing or gardening …. or at the beach!

Here’s the video showing you just how easy these hanging gems are to make:

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  1. How fun! I love all the air plants, and this is an easy project to do. Thanks for the idea!

  2. You’re welcome Kathy – this project goes together so fast. The large air plant with the shells now hangs in my Loquat Tree – love seeing it everyday!

  3. great advise i have numerous of these with my succulents, i can hang these now,
    thank you.

  4. You’re welcome Richard. And, that wire comes in all different colors so you can choose your favorite. Nell

  5. Can I throw moss, wire, and plant all at once in their weekly bath? I don’t do the spray method. Thanks!


  6. Hi Jen – You sure can. Just know that if you’ve used colored moss, it will fade faster by soaking it. Also, the moss tends to break down a little faster that way. Otherwise, dunk away! Nell

  7. What gauge was the stem wire? 16, 18, 22???

  8. Hi Jeff – It’s an aluminum craft wire which comes in many colors. I believe it only comes in 1 gauge (unlike the green floral wire) which is 12. I hope that helps, Nell

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  10. I ordered my tilandsia (airplants) from twisted acres, and the instructions that are listed for hanging or securing them say that copper will kill them. Is this wire that you suggest aluminum in a copper hue? Or are you having success with copper and tilandsia?

  11. Hi Melissa – The wire I used is aluminum. It’s very flexible & holds securely. I’ve never used copper wire with air plants so I can answer5 that question. Nell

  12. Where can I get the bendable wire from.

  13. Hi Judy – At craft stores or online. Nell

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