An Easy To Create Succulent Vine Wreath

Following right behind the little birdhouse project is this easy to create little vine wreath decorated with succulents.

I’ve made much bigger moss wreaths fully packed with succulent cuttings but for this mini creation, I thought it would be nice to have a bit of the vine showing through.

This is a quick and simple project which takes hardly any plant material at all.  You don’t need to prune the succulent patch down for this one.

Succulent vine wreath

This is how the wreath looked last December when I decorated it to be used as a Christmas ornament in this post here.

It hung off a nob on my armoire so I looked at it every day.  In other words, it grew on me.

Because the birds are actually robins, I thought it would make a great little Spring door wreath, natural style. No bright pastels here.

Lavender Scallops Kalanchoe

My Lavender Scallops Kalanchoe provides endless material for all my projects. It’s blooming now!

Succulent vine wreath

I took off the cones but left the glittered moss. A little sparkle never hurt anyone, right?  I first glued on 3 small Aeoniums. Next I took the leaves off the stems of the Lavender Scallops Kalanchoes and individually glued them on in a spiral fashion to resemble a daisy flower.

Even if you were making a larger wreath, this way of doing it wouldn’t require too many succulents. And, I think it’s nice to have a little bit of the vine wreath showing through.

Oh, please be sure to check out our book Mother Nature Inspired Christmas Ornaments. I’ve used cuttings of succulents to adorn the ornaments I made in the book.

After the holidays were over and the ornaments were packed away, I planted those cuttings in my garden.  I now have even more to design with.

By the way, I got the little vine wreath at Michael’s.  Check back in a few days because next up is a succulent kissing ball!

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