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Easy Crafting and DIY Projects Using Plants and Flowers

It just feels darn great to make something.  Here are some of our
crafting projects, most of which involve plants & flowers, to get your creative fancy tickled in no time. 


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A Simple Succulent Boutonniere

A Succulent Creation On A Wacky Sea Stick

Hanging A Miniature Phalaenopsis Orchid

A Different Way To Create A Succulent Kissing Ball

An Edible Centerpiece Accented With Driftwood, Flowers, Succulents & Air Plants

How To Make A Dish Garden Everyone Will Love

A Lantern Posing As A Succulent Arrangement

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A Quick And Easy Homemade Gift: An Herb And Citrus Swag

A Jalapeno Pepper Suncatcher

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Miniature Gardening For Kids

Repotting A Small Succulent Bowl

Creating With Tillandsias

Decorative Painting For The Garden 

A Fall Centerpiece With Succulents, Santa Barbara Style 

A Magnolia Cone & Succulent Wreath for The Holidays 

An Easy Way To Grow Bromeliads On Driftwood Or A Branch

A Summer Centerpiece, Beachy Style