Our Favorite Cactus Bowls For Your Cactus Garden

Cacti are a staple here in the Sonoran Desert we are surrounded by one of the largest cactus species, the native Saguaro Cactus. These massive cacti offer us a serene southwest style and define our landscape. We wouldn’t suggest growing a Saguaro in a cactus dish bowl, but what’s great about cacti is their range in sizes. There are plenty of smaller varieties that you can grow in cactus bowls both indoors and outdoors. 

Nell has some beautiful Cactus Arrangements that she has created and adorn her kitchen’s open shelves. Now that we have you covered on making a cactus garden, it’s time to search for a cactus dish bowl. There are terracotta, clay pots, ceramic pots, and so much more regarding container materials.

When searching for cactus bowls, you want to keep a few things in mind. The first thing to know about cacti is that they don’t have an extensive root system, so you won’t need deep pots. Shallow planters are ideal. Think about how many cacti you want in your bowl, so choose the width accordingly.

Cacti are notoriously slow growers, so you won’t need a bowl that’s too big. Just like fleshy succulents, cactus quickly experience root rot if kept too wet. Choosing a plant pot with drainage holes is a way to lessen the chances of excess water sitting in the planter.

The good news is we have curated different sizes of cactus planter pots for you to choose from and most at a great price. Happy shopping!

Our Favorite Cactus Bowls

Shallow Ceramic Bowl

These low bowls will make your cactus arrangement dreams come to fruition. Each cactus bowl is handmade, resulting in unique details. The bowl has a drainage hole to help alleviate the possibility of root rot.

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terracotta low bowl with drainage hole with red and yellow paintbrush stroke design with white dots from etsy

Desert Terracotta Low Bowl

How lovely is this planter? It embodies the desert colors of the southwest. The details on the brushstrokes are fun to look at. This design will pair well with your cactus and has a width large enough to plant a few varieties inside.

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grey and tan shallow glass bowl from etsy

Art Glass Container

This is a one-of-a-kind glass planter. These glass containers are handmade with blown glass and are an elegant statement piece. Family and friends will draw their attention to it.

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white ceramic shallow bowl with variety of cactus and succulents planted inside on wood stand from etsy

Mid Century Ceramic Planter

This mid-century cactus planter bowl is not only a plant pot but a design piece that will infuse both minimalism and functionality to your space. Use it as your coffee table centerpiece bringing warmth to the room.

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white ceramic bowl on gold metal stand with succulents plant inside with drainage hole from etsy

White & Gold Modern Planter

This is a small modern planter pot in white with gold metal stand. This oval planter is made with ceramic and has a drain hole.
It has the perfect size to hold a few cacti and will fit in spaces like on your desk, shelves, or bathroom. It will also make a great gift!

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black minimalist design shallow cactus bowl with drainage hole from etsy

Minimalist Black Concrete Pot

The minimalist design of this planter will make your cacti the star of the show. The texture of the pot is flattering and adds some dimension to the planter. We like that this pot has a drain hole as well.

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terracotta shallow clay bowl with white boho style design and bamboo saucer tray with succulents planted inside and a drainage hole from amazon

Terracotta Cactus Planter Pot 

The terra cotta planter is made of natural clay. Clay is porous and maintains good ventilation and drainage. The round planter pot has a hole in the bottom for good drainage, the bamboo tray can keep your surface clean.

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two pack ceramic glazed plant bowl with succulents planted inside and a drainage hole from amazon

Glazed Ceramic Planter Pot

These planters have a charming two-tone design to add a bit of a pop of color. Sold in a 2 pack this is quite the deal. Switch it up and put cactus in one and succulents in the other. Both have drainage holes, which is a great addition.

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shallow cactus bowl in white and bamboo saucer tray with succulents planted inside and a drainage hole from amazon

Decorative Cactus Plant Pot

This planter bowl feels optimal for 3-4 cacti, your own little indoor cactus garden. Be sure wherever you place your planter it’s in high light. Cactus typically grow in full sun, and some species can be grown in moderate light. Nell has hers in a bright space and they are growing healthy and look happy.

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terrazzo cactus bowl with succulents and cactus planted from amazon

Oval Terrazzo Cactus Pot

This terrazzo oval plant pot is so stylish and goes so well with the look of cacti. Style this up in your home office or on a dining table. Its versatile design will match most decors. Modern and minimalist are two of our favorite designs.

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two pack terracotta shallow planter pot with succulents planted inside from amazon

Terracotta Shallow Planter Pot

Simple, elegant, and modern this design adds a decorative touch to any room. A stainless-steel drainage mesh net is also included to prevent soil from draining out the bottom. Another protective pad is included to protect a tabletop wood surface from scratches.

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glazed green and white ceramic shallow planter pot from amazon

Glazed Ceramic Planter Bowl

This green lotus planter has a rich glaze and a smooth finish. We like the legs on this planter because they give a little bit of extra height to this bowl. Each planter has a hole on the bottom to allow water to drain through the soil so your plant stays healthy.

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We hope you found a cactus pot that you love either for yourself or a gift for a loved one. You’ll be enjoying the aesthetic of the desert in no time. Cactus Arrangements are fun to put together and are a stylish way to display your plants.

Happy gardening,


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