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Butterflies Alive! At The Santa Barbara Museum Of Natural History

“If nothing ever changed, they’d be no butterflies”

– author unknown

Want to walk intimately amongst 1,000 live, fluttering, feasting butterflies?   Then come to The Santa Barbara Museum Of Natural History where this interactive butterfly exhibit takes place every 2 years.   A large, netted pavillion (a permanent structure) houses the flowers, plants, water features, butterfly houses and plates of fresh fruits the butterflies need to thrive and survive.   The 10’s of 1,000’s of adoring fans who walk shoulder to wing in with these beautiful creatures – well we’re just frosting on the cake!

Have you ever seen a butterfly house?  Check out the photo below.

There’s no place like home

Two White Peacocks having a great time at the Rudbekia

White Peacock and Queen sharing Echinacea

 God save the Queen

Swallowtail enjoying Agapanthus

Shy Monarch

Painted Lady with nothing to hide

Butterfly Gluttony

Pond’s favorite Water Lily

Best friends in the garden

This exhibit runs through September 11 at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

 – “What’s a butterfly garden with no butterflies?”– Roy Rogers

Our gardens here at Joy Us are full of flowers that butterflies love.  The backyard is full of Monarch catepillars getting bigger every day – here’s a close-up of one munching on the Asclepias.

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  1. It looks,wonderful I am hoping to be able to take our grandsons to see this Breathtaking Exhibit
    Grest Presentation

  2. Hi Gail – They do a wonderful job of putting this together. Kids absolutely love it so I’m sure your grandsons will have a great time. Nell

  3. We went in August and the kids really enjoyed it. We’re planting our own butterfly garden this year. There were some red flowers at this exhibit that the butterflies really loved. Do you happen to know what plant that might be?

  4. Hi Alisa – It’s a great exhibit to take kids to. They really love it. The reddish flowers in this post are Pentas & Cosmos. Butterflies (& hummingbirds) love Pentas by the way. Nell

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