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That Ever Bloomin’ Begonia Richmondensis

A shrubby Begonia Richmondensis w/c belongs to a family of Begonia, that grows to 2 ft tall, with pink flowers, glossy oval shape leaves that can also makes a landscape robust.

Begonia Richmondensis

This Plant Must Be Powered By the Energizer Bunny! I bet this is the toughest Begonia on the market along with being one of the most popular. It is a shrublike Begonia which flowers non-stop here and definitely benefits from a cut-back to give it a little rest. Its pinky-red flowers are a kick for the eyeballs as every plant I’ve seen is in full bloom. the one pictured in a large terra cotta pot sits outside of Santa Barbara’s City Hall. This picture was taken on May 27, 2011.

Full bloom Begonia Richmondensis in a large terra cotta pot that sits outside of Santa Barbara’s city hall.

This is the very same plant on February 1, 2011.

Pruned Begonia Richmondensis.

I wish I had taken its picture in January when it was cut way back … which was 6-8″ out of the pot. As you can see, this plant loves a good haircut … think buzz cut! The foliage can “funk” out a bit in the cool weather and rains so don’t be timid when it comes to shearing this floriferous Begonia. And, it will be flowering in no time flat.

Begonia Richmondensis flowers are small and pink or vivid red in color. Sun will make the Begonia Richmondensis flowers tougher and redder while shade will make the foliage softer and greener.

This is also a tale of pruning … it will turn back into a mounded blob of flowers practically no matter what you do!

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