12 Quality Bird Feeders Your Garden Needs Right Now

A garden is not only about its plants. It’s also about the butterflies, birds squirrels and all of the other animals that find comfort (and food!) in that space. There are different ways for you to get these visitors a bit more often. And bird feeders are a good choice if we are talking about birds in particular.

Why choose bird feeders?

How sweet is it to get birds chipping in our backyard! Bird feeders are not only a bird magnet, but they are also a colorful addition to your garden. And, it’s also an excellent way to give back and help those little guys be well fed. Leaving seeds for birds in your yard is particularly helpful for them during the winter months because they need to stock up in calories to survive the cold days.

Nowadays, the design of bird feeders is very different than it used to be. From traditional to modern to bohemian, there’s something for everyone.

We created this bird feeder roundup, taking into account different styles and garden trends. Hope you find it helpful and that you see one you love!

If you like a more traditional look, these are the bird feeders for you:

A variety of bird feeders

1- Rustic Cottage Bird Feeder – Handcrafted by Amish Artisans

Any mountaineers out there? This one is a perfect compliment to a log cabin or a cottage in the woods!

2- Audubon Hopper Deluxe Gazebo

There’s just something so romantic about a gazebo. Is anyone else reminded of The Sound of Music?

3- Painted Wooden Bird House

How adorable is this with restaurant open hours and everything!

4- Mountain Chapel Bird Feeder

A simple, yet classic look.

If you like a modern clean look:

Modern, Clean Bird Feeders

1- Mid Century Modern Ranch House

Can I move into this one, please? How cool!

2- Charm Modern Bird Feeder in Orange

You can order in many different colors, they’re handmade. It doesn’t get much more modern than this.

3- Weatherproof Birdfeeder House

This one is modern with a traditional feel. The pop of color can really add personality to any garden.

4- Contemporary Birdhouse

Let your birds eat & nest in style!

And the bird feeders for the bohemian heart:

Bohemian Art Bird Feeders

1 – Birdhouse in gloss white and Olive Oil

This hanging bird house (not really a feeder but I included it here) will certainly impress your guests, but especially the birds!

2 – Mosaic Glass Bird Feeder

Doesn’t it remind you of the stained glass art that you can see in an old-school, traditional church? Well, this bird feeder definitely gives the classic glass an artistic, modern look.

3 – Handmade Blue and Orange Bird Feeder

Just the look of these bird feeders gives you an earthy feeling. Imagine what your birds will think.

4 – Hand Carved Fair Trade Gourd Bird Feeder

The design is lovely, and an added bonus that it’s hand carved.

Gardening is about interacting with nature, and it goes way beyond our plants. Remember that it’s winter and our winged friend’s natural sources of food are scarce. Why not help them out while keeping your garden style?


Written By Lucy Ferreira

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