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A Popular Succulent Houseplant: Caring For Flowering Kalanchoes

If you want a succulent houseplant that blooms, well then, let me introduce you to the Kalanchoe blossfeldiana. Perhaps you've seen one but never brought it home. I want to encourage you to do that because they're easy to grow and are in bloom for quite a long time. Caring for flowering kalanchoes is no trouble at all but there are a few things you need to know.This popular flowering succulent houseplant, usually called kalanchoe, florist kalanchoe or flaming... Read more

A Touch Of Elegance: White Blooming Plants For Christmas

The holidays call for decorations to fill us with cheer and festivity during this season. Is there a better way to add beauty to your home other than with flowers?  We think not! There are lots of flowering plants in all colors which are available during the holidays. Today we'll focus on white blooming plants for Christmas for those of you who like decorating in a more elegant way.Read more

Planting & Watering Succulents In Pots Without Drain Holes

I've done many posts on succulents and there's one thing I always say: don't keep them wet. A couple of ways to keep them from rotting is to make sure the mix drains well and the water all runs out. But what happens if you have a pot with no hole in the bottom? This is all about planting, and watering, succulents in pots with no drain holes.Succulents  hold... Read more

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Indoor Gardeners and Houseplant Lovers

Written By: Lucy Ferreira

Are you searching for a gift to give to the indoor gardeners or houseplant lovers in your life? Well look no further! We've rounded up 18 must-have gifts that any houseplant horticulturist, whether beginning or experienced, would both need and love.Collage with... <a href=Read more

A Fall Table Decoration With Succulents, An Orchid & Other Natural Elements

Fall has arrived and although our days are still in the high 80's here in the Arizona desert, the evenings and early mornings have definitely cooled. I love the produce and colors associated with this season (bring on the pumpkins!) so it always gets me in the mood to create. I collected a piece of Cholla Wood on 1 of my morning walks and it inspired me to make this fall table decoration.I was planning on doing an arrangement withRead more

Plants With Fabulous Foliage To Add Interest To Your Garden

Blooming plants, whether annual or perennial, are wonderful and light up any outdoor space but there are other ways to turn up the volume on the interest factor. Nell was a professional gardener and designer in the San Francisco Bay Area for 15 years and loved using foliage to jazz up any client's garden. And yes, plants with foliage can be just as fabulous as flowers!Annuals, Read more

How To Prune Leggy, Overgrown Geraniums

Have you ever walked into someone's house and just wanted to prune their plants? Are you raising your hand on this one too? It happens to me quite often and most times I keep my mouth shut and my Felcos in their... Read more

Protecting Your Garden From Curious Pets and Other Critters

Written By: Gwen Lewis

For those of us who enjoy gardening, we may also love animals and our pets and sometimes combine these can be complicated. The term “curiosity killed the cat” may come to mind when thinking about the inquisitive nature of felines, but cats, dogs and other forms of outdoor wildlife can wreak havoc in our gardens.

Size Doesn’t Matter

When it comes to destructive behavior from dogs, many people may imagine larger... Read more

Pruning & Shaping My Star Jasmine Vine In Fall

The best time to prune Star Jasmine, or Tracelospermum jasminoides, is soon after it flowers. It has a twining, wandering growth habit and wants to grab onto anything it can. Sometimes you need to prune it once or twice more during the growing season just to keep it from going too crazy.  Today I'm talking about pruning and shaping my Star Jasmine Vine in fall; October 19th to be exact.I moved into my house in Tucson a year and a half ago and Read more

4 Easy Steps To Decorating A Yellow Pumpkin With Purple Statice And Air Plants

These days pumpkins and gourds come in all sorts of shapes, colors, sizes, variegations, and textures. Now that you're not limited to a traditional orange color palette, the decorating possibilities endless. This post is all about decorating a yellow pumpkin.  And, because of the unusual color, I decided to pair it with unusual elements also: air plants, statice,... Read more