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4 Easy Steps To Decorating A Yellow Pumpkin With Purple Statice And Air Plants

These days pumpkins and gourds come in all sorts of shapes, colors, sizes, variegations, and textures. Now that you're not limited to a traditional orange color palette, the decorating possibilities endless. This post is all about decorating a yellow pumpkin.  And, because of the unusual color, I decided to pair it with unusual elements also: air plants, statice,... Read more

Why Is My Bromeliad Plant Turning Brown & Looking Sick? There’s 1 Reason Which Stands Out.

I get asked "why is my bromeliad plant turning brown" and "why is my bromeliad looking sick" every now and then. It's time to do a post which addresses these concerns because there's 1 reason which stands out above the others.There are many things which can cause  houseplants (or plants in general) to turn brown. Here are a few reasons: too dry, too wet, too... Read more

A Simple, Non-Traditional Pumpkin DIY In Natural Tones

Long gone is the time when you could only buy or grow pumpkins in orange.  These days they come in dark to light orange, white, green, blue-grey, peach, yellow, brown with smooth skin, warts, ribbed, and in all shapes and sizes. This brown one caught my eye because I'd never seen one before. It was destined to be - I just had to do a pumpkin DIY in natural tones with this beauty.My client had bought an SUV full of pumpkins and other squashes at Read more

Transplanting My Dracaena Marginata With Its Cuttings

Written By: Nell Foster

When you move into a new house it's nice to inherit something you really want instead of 35 cans of old paint, scraps of construction materials and a bunch of other junk. The previous owner left behind a plant that I liked and it was in pretty good shape to boot. This is all about transplanting my Dracaena marginata with a couple of Read more

Halloween Front Porch Decorations Reused To Create A New Look Each Year

Hold on to your witch's hat because Halloween is coming your way!  And how better to welcome all the goblins on the eve of October 31st than to have a spooked up yet frighteningly fun and welcoming entry. Over the past 17 years I've been decorating the same Victorian house in the San Francisco Bay Area for Halloween.  Here's how Halloween front porch decorations get reused to create a new (and slightly different) look each year.These characters, props,... Read more

Plant Pests: Fungus Gnats & Root (Soil) Mealybugs & How To Control Them

Plants and pests go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you have the 1st, then the later will make an appearance at some time. I'm more familiar with and have seen these pests infesting houseplants more than plants in the landscape. What I'm talking about here is fungus gnats and root mealybugs (some call them soil mealybugs) and what you can do to control them.This is part of a plant pest series which I did about 4 months ago and then dropped the... Read more

How To Plant & Care For Aloe Vera Pups (Babies)

Your happy Aloe vera has produced babies, which you have removed. Now, what's next? My aloes have produced many baby plants over the years, most of which I've given away.  Share the love I say!  Here's how to plant and care for those sweet Aloe vera pups.Like any succulents which are rooting or developing an immature root system, you want the mix to be very light... Read more

5 Front Porches That Say “Welcome Fall & Please Come In”

Written By Lucy FerreiraFall is in the air and what a better way to welcome the colder days than decorating our front porch. Here are some ideas to get inspired you inspired and say "hi there fall".Read more

The Most Important Thing to Do Before Pruning: Clean And Sharpen Your Pruning Tools

Am I the only one who really loves to prune? Fall and spring are the busiest times for pruning.  Now that we're well into September, I wanted to share this with you. Before you start any kind of big pruning job, there's 1 very important thing to do. It's simple but sometimes we need reminding: make sure to clean and sharpen your pruning tools.Now, the most important thing to know is how the plant(s) grows and how it'll respond so you can prune it successfully.... Read more

Aloe Vera Propagation: How To Remove Pups (Babies) From the Mother Plant

Aloe vera, besides being a plant with purpose, is a succulent which just keeps on giving. If your plant is healthy and happy, you'll see babies, or pups, growing off the base of the mother plant. I'll show you the easiest method of Aloe vera propagation, in my opinion anyway. This is all about removing those pups so you can have more plants and share the love.My... Read more