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Ponytail Palm Care Outdoors: Answering Questions

I've grown Ponytail Palms outdoors in 2 very different climates for years now. Both with mild winters but that's where the similarity ended. Ponytails do great in pots and this is where my experience with growing them lies. Their care outside in containers is a snap. These tips for Ponytail Palm care outdoors, along with other things good to know,  will help you out.

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Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea Recurvata) Care: A Fun & Unique Houseplant

Hello Ponytail Palms; what fun plants you are! I got my 1st, in a 6" pot standing about 10-12" tall, when I lived in San Francisco over 20 years ago. Even though it grew painfully slow (the light wasn't as bright as this plant would have liked) I fell in love with it nonetheless. Here's what I've learned about caring for this unique indoor plant over the years - Ponytail Palm care tips coming your way.

How Often Should You Water Succulents?

Oh succulents; how their popularity marches on and on! They come in a wide range of sizes, forms, colors and shapes making them appealing to almost everyone. Are you new to the fun, wacky world of these fleshy beauties? Have you ever wondered how to water succulents?

Stick around for the answer and other things good to know. I'll answer it right now in a nutshell: it depends. Not... Read more

Trimming Lucky Bamboo

I've had my spiral (sometimes called curly) Lucky Bamboo stalks for almost 8 years now. The foliage growth was getting tall and spindly so I decided to cut it all back.  This is all about trimming Lucky Bamboo including how I did it and how long it took for those stems to grow back.

Now, I've never pruned any of mine back before so this was an experiment. Lucky Bamboos are actually... Read more

Peperomia Care: Sweet Succulent-Like Houseplants

Peperomias are small plants which are similar to hoyas in their care. Both are succulent like with fleshy leaves and stems. They make wonderful houseplants and can be found in both hanging and upright forms. This is all about peperomia care and how to keep these sweet beauties healthy and happy.

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