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Another Easy Way To Hang Air Plants

I have many air plants & am always looking for a new way to display them. Be sure to check out this easy & inexpensive method of hanging them.

Easy Way To Hang Air Plants


I have air plants in pots on my front porch (sans soil of course), on a shelf in my house and hanging in my loquat tree.  I did a vlog on hanging air plants last year and am always looking for a new way to display them.  I went to the always beautiful Santa Barbara International Orchid Show in March and saw something in the marketplace I just had to buy for showing off my tillys.

The little wood basket is meant for displaying orchids but I bought it with another purpose in mind.  So here you have it, another easy way to hang air plants with minimal effort involved.  How you position the air plants and what adornment you add in, if any, is up to you.

You’ll see me making the piece in the video below – you’ll be hanging your living beauties in now time flat:

Believe me, this is 1 quick and easy technique The ingredients you’ll need are:

1)  4″ square wood orchid basket

2)  3 small air plants. check out the assortment that we sell here

3)  jute twine

4) colored reindeer moss, available in many colors but I used chartreuse

5)  4 shells

If you wanted a wilder look you could paint the basket teal and use hot pink moss.  Add in some jewels for sparkle and you have a whole different look.  I choose the more natural route with this one.  The possibilities are many!

How to hang air plants

Air plants make great houseplants.  If you want keep this piece alive and looking good, them simply spray the air plants once a week, maybe twice if the air is really dry where you are. They like bright light but be sure to keep them out of direct sun otherwise they’ll burn in no time.

Unique ways to hang air plants

Along with gardening, I spend quite a bit of time crafting.  Some of my projects are long and drawn out so I can really get down with something quick and easy.  15 minutes from start to finish with no hot glue or wire needed – way to go!

Check out our book, Keep Your Houseplants Alive, for more info on air plants.

We sell air plants direct from the grower to you.  Warning: they’re addicting!


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  3. victoria viloria

    what kind of wire do u use,is there a special ones??

  4. Hi Victoria – For the project that you see in this post, I didn’t use any wire. I used jute twine to hang the wooden basket & just worked the air plants into the moss a bit so they’d stay put. Nell

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