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A Winter Hike In The Sonoran Desert

I recently moved to Tucson. Tag along with Lucy & I as we go on a winter hike in the Sonoran Desert. Blue skies, lots of Saguaros & views for miles.

Sonoran Desert Hike

I recently packed my bags, hitched the wagon train and moved to Tucson, Arizona.  After living by the ocean in California for 30 years I must admit that I do miss beach walks and the surfy lifestyle.  All’s peachy keen and I’m happy as a clam because I’m both enthralled and mesmerized by the gorgeous sunsets every night along with the jaw dropping mountain views you see at every turn. I finished up my college years in this town and that’s when I developed a love for the Sonoran Desert. The move has been well worth it.

What sets the Sonoran Desert aside from other deserts is that it gets both winter and summer rains which makes it 1 of the most biodiverse. It might look a bit “brown” at 1st glance but look again and you’ll discover all kinds of mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians and more than 2000 kinds of plants. Because it’s January right now a lot of the trees and shrubs have shed their leaves. Come early spring look out – there’ll be an explosion of green and a lot of flowering too!

Sonoran Desert Hike Gorgeous Desert Hike

After moving to the desert, I’ve  had quite a few people asking me about living here.  This video, shot by Lucy who was visiting from San Diego last week, is all about our late afternoon hike on the Canyon Loop Trail. Watch it and you’ll see why I’m liking this place so much.  2 other things I love about living in the desert are the pleasant winter weather and the seemingly endless sunny skies. Oh, and of course, the majestic Saguaro cacti which dot the landscape in every direction!

Catalina State Park lies in the Santa Catalina mountains, just 15 minutes north of my home. This park is great for hiking, camping and picnicking.  It’s also very popular for birdwatching because more than 150 species make this park their home.  And, if you dare venture out after dark, the park is open until 10pm if star gazing is your thing. So much open sky means there’s many stars to see.

Hope you enjoy the hike!

We visited Joshua Tree National Monument in the Mojave & Colorado Deserts a couple of years ago. Be sure to check it out!

Nell on a desert hike


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