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A DIY Succulent Creation On A Wacky Sea Stick

Succulent cuttings are fun to play with. I collect a lot of sea goodies because I find them so interesting. This shows you an easy DIY succulent creation along with the materials you'll need.

A Succulent Creation On A Wacky Sea Stick

I live 7 blocks from the Pacific Ocean so beach walks are a big part of my outdoor recreating routine.  I always find interesting materials to use for crafting and creating as well as to embellish my garden.  I’ve used shells and polished rocks as ground cover as well as big chunks of driftwood to add interest in and around succulents.  This wacky sea stick is adorned with a variety of succulents from my garden and is a project that comes together in a snap.

succulent creation

You can see how this crazy “stick thing” lends itself to creating.

What is a wacky sea stick you ask?  I technically don’t know what it’s called so this is the name I use.  When the kelp washes in, this is what it’s attached to.  It’s great to use for crafting after it dries.

I love to make creations with plants and flowers, especially if they’re grown in my garden.  I did a book devoted to making natural decorations called Mother Nature Inspired Christmas Ornaments and a sea stick gussied up for the holidays is one of the creations you’ll find.

Creating with succulents fresh from my garden:

What you’ll need for this project:

a stick or piece of wood with interest

succulent cuttings – I used Miniature Jade, Aeonium, Sedum Angelina, String Of Pearls & Miniature Ice Plant (Delosperma).

spanish moss, preserved & dyed green

hot glue

a paper butterfly

I use a hot glue pan but a hot melt and/or cool melt glue gun would be fine.  You could also use E6000 but it takes a bit longer to dry.

succulent creations

I did this as a temporary piece but if you want to keep it alive for a while, just spray it with water once a week.  The video has more on that for you. If  you wrap moss around succulent mix in the shape of a ball, the succulents will start to root and you’ll keep it even longer.  Oh succulents … the ways to create with you are endless!

Happy gardening,


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  1. This is a lovely idea! Creative, easy to do, fun and the result is beautiful!

  2. Thank you Lori – it was fun to make! Nell

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