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A Phalaenopsis Orchid Quickie

This is a Phalaenopsis Orchid quickie: short & sweet. It was shot in the greenhouses & showroom of a large orchid grower. Enjoy the orchid loveliness!

How To Care For Your Beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid

You’ve heard me say it many times before, but yes it’s true, I live in orchid country.  Yup, that’s right we’re surrounded by flowery goodness here in Santa Barbara.  I love visiting the growers’ greenhouses and get downright giddy over the bench after bench and row after row of gorgeous orchid blooms.  Talk about an instant mood booster!

This video was shot at Westerlay Orchids.  It’s a quickie – short & sweet:

If you want something more educational and informational, be sure to check out my recently published vlogs on Phalaenopsis Orchid care and how I water my Phaleanopsis Orchids.   These beauties are commonly known as Moth Orchids because the flowers resemble moths in flight.   Their blooms are extremely long lasting and simple yet elegant.   I never get tired of seeing floral loveliness!

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Be sure to check out Westerlay Orchids if you’re visiting Santa Barbara.

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