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How To Plant Small Snake Plants & Succulents In Small Pots

Small snake plants and succulents will do just fine in small pots for a couple of years. Here's how to plant snake plants and succulents in small pots.

Time to fess up: I'm a pot addict. No, not the aromatic herb you smoke or ingest but the pretties which hold, adorn and accent plants. Whether they be ceramic, resin, fiberglass or concrete, plant pots and containers always... Read more

Repotting Snake Plants: The Mix To Use & How To Do It

Snake Plants are one of my very favorite houseplants. Their spiky, patterned foliage is so interesting to me plus you can ignore them and they're happy as can be. I grow quite a few of them, both indoors and out, here at my home in the Arizona desert. It was time for repotting a few of my Snake Plants so I want to share with you the planting mix I used... Read more

3 Ways To Propagate Sansevierias aka Snake Plants

I love Sansevierias and I know I say that about a lot of plants but these spiky numbers really have a place in my heart. I grow them in the garden and in my house in both pots and in the ground.

They have quite a few common names so you may know them as Snake Plants,... Read more

Snake Plants: Easy Care Houseplants That Are As Tough As Can Be

If you want houseplants that are as tough as can be, then Snake Plants are for you.  They're virtually indestructible, unless you of course have a heavy hand with the watering or place them in a hot, sunny window.  These plants seem to thrive on the dry air in our homes, as well as neglect. The more you ignore them, the better... Read more

7 Reasons Why Indoor Plants Make You Feel Good

Houseplants are beautiful, aren't they? They certainly have physical beauty, but indoor plants offer so much more. There are many benefits of having indoor plants in your home. Here, we'll list a few reasons why houseplants make you feel good.

You may associate feeling good with daily exercise and healthy eating. Those are certainly contributing factors for good health, but... Read more