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7 Easy Air Plant Adornments

Easy Air Plant Adornments

Air plants, or tillandsias, are so easy to maintain that I’m passing on 7 easy adornments, or decorations, that you can make with them in no time at all. They are great houseplants!  There’s no painting, glittering, constructing required in any of these projects – just place and there you have it.  

You can use hot glue, E6000 or fishing line if need a more permanent adhesion.  Everything I used for all these little art pieces I already had.  You can see exactly how I did each one in greater detail in the video at the end.  Any of these air plant displays would make a great little gift! 

Air plants

 I find these on my beach walks & call them “wacky sea sticks”.  I think they’re actually broken off pieces of dried kelp.  I’ve woven 3 air plants into this one.

Ways to style your air plants

 I love these heart shaped badam pods.  We get them from the grower who also supplies the tillandsias are sold on our website.  I’ve placed one air plant in the center of this one.

Air plant in driftwood

Air plant on weathered wood

This a piece of weathered chunk of eucalyptus bark I found near the beach.  I turned it out side down & rested 2 air plants on the curves.  If you attach the plants to either the branch or the piece of bark seen above this, you can hang it on the wall.  Either way, they’re a conversation piece!

More ways to style air plants

This is a shell I found on the beach in January – winter storms can wash up some good stuff for crafting.  I simply nestled an air plant inside its opening.

Air plant in a geode

 My dad collected geodes.  Many of them have indents so it’s a great place to lay an air plant.

Ways to grow your air plant

 These coco pods are also supplied by our tillandsia grower.  They make a great vessel in which to place an air plant or 2.

Air plant with polished rock

I have a bunch of these polished rocks that a friend gave me.  This small air plant glued (using just a tiny dab of E6000 adhesive) atop a stone like this would make a great place setting gift for your dinner guests to take home.

There you have it, 7 quick and easy projects.  You probably have things lying around which you could use for your air plant arrangements.  And don’t forget, we sell them on our website so be sure to check the links below.  Happy creating!


Be sure to check out the tillandsias we sell HERE

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