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Monthly Archives: March 2019

How To Make An Indoor Cactus Garden

Roses and orchids are extremely popular but right up there with them is the cactus. These spiny bizarre plants are just plain cool and ideal for people who travel and/or who want a more modern, edgy look. You see them everywhere - in photos, on tee shirts, mugs, clothing as well as in candle form.... Read more

Celebrate Spring the Perfect Way: Right In Your Garden!

The spring equinox is finally here! For many of us, spring represents a season of rebirth. It's the time of year to look forward to festivals, warmer weather, and of course, the growth of new plants. So, here are some ideas that gardeners like you can celebrate spring.

If you're excited about spring just like us, then you need to try some of these Read more

Pruning 2 Different Types Of Lantana In Spring

Lantana is a very popular landscape and is used in many different ways. It's classified as a flowering perennial and comes in shrub form as well as ground cover/trailing. It flowers from Spring through Fall (who doesn't love that?!) and is available in a wide range of colors... Read more

Repotting A Euphorbia Trigona: The Mix To Use & a Good Trick To Know

My Euphorbia trigona rubra was growing like a weed and needed a bigger base to keep it in proportion. It's not that the roots were showing or coming out of the drain holes but those stems sure were were getting taller and heavy. This is all about repotting a Euphorbia trigona including the mix to use, a useful trick and things good to know.

I'm transplanting a Euphorbia trigona rubra... Read more

Aeonium Arboreum Care Made Simple

Time to serve up more succulent love. This go round it's those fascinating rosette forming aeoniums which I grew lots of in my Santa Barbara garden. I was told they wouldn't do nearly as well here in Tucson but I brought few cuttings with me anyway. To my surprise, they're doing fine.