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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Pruning and Propagating A Burro’s Tail Succulent

Sedum morganianum is best known as the Burro’s Tail succulent or Donkey's Tail plant. It's an excellent addition to any home as a houseplant if you have bright natural light and don't water it too often. I grow mine in my garden year round, which looks great too. It’s such a beautiful and versatile plant that it can go in a large pot with other beautiful succulents or in... Read more

Pruning 2 Woody Salvias In Summer

Salvias, like other perennials, grow like crazy and give us lots of blooms during the season. They need to be cut back for overall form, health and repeat flowering. The 2 salvias that you see here were way overgrown, hadn't been cut back the previous season at all and needed a good haircut. It should have happened in spring or fall but the gardeners missed it. This is all about pruning salvias in summer.I recently flew up to the San Francisco Bay Area... Read more

Pothos Care: The Easiest Trailing Houseplant

Looking for a hanging houseplant which trails like crazy and is a snap to maintain? Your search ends right here. I started my horticultural career in the interior landscape trade where we literally put thousands of these plants into offices, lobbies, hotels, banks, airports, and malls. This is all about pothos... Read more

Planting Aeoniums: How To Do It & The Best Soil Mix To Use

Aeoniums are those wonderful succulents which grow in a variety of colors and sizes but all are rosette-shaped. I love them! If you look into the head of an aeonium, it's almost mesmerizing. Planting aeoniums in containers is similar to planting other succulents but it's best to use a different soil mix.

Many of the aeoniums are native to the Canary Islands. I've visited 2 of them... Read more