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Monthly Archives: May 2018

What You Need To Know About Growing A String Of Bananas Houseplant

Are you looking for a hanging succulent which is easy to maintain and cool as can be? Here are care and growing tips for the String Of Bananas houseplant.

Everyone seems to be madly in love with that wacky and wonderful succulent String Of Pearls and rightfully so. Did you know there's another adorable  "string" succulent on the block? This 1 is easier to keep alive... Read more

How To Grow A String Of Bananas Plant Outdoors

Do you want a hanging succulent that's easy to grow? You may love String of Bananas. I'll show you how to grow a string of bananas plant outdoors.

If you're looking for another fantastic hanging plant to grace your porch or patio, then head's up on this one. String Of Bananas, or Senecio radicans, is easy to grow and easy on the eyes too. I've lived in mild climates for over... Read more

4 Ways To Propagate A String Of Hearts Plant (Rosary Vine)

My String of Hearts plant had gotten tangled and grown too long. It was time to cut it all off and propagate. Here are 4 ways to propagate this Rosary Vine.

My String Of Hearts vine traveled with me, along with numerous other plants and 2 crazy kitties, in a very packed car when I moved from Santa Barbara to Tucson a couple of years ago. We all survived the 9+ hour trip (barely!)... Read more

How & Why I Pruned My Trailing Fishhooks Succulent

If you want a hanging succulent that's easy to maintain, you'll love the Trailing Fishhooks Senecio. Here's how and why I pruned my String of Fishhooks.

If you want a trailing succulent which grows fast and is easy to maintain, look no further because you've found it here. The plant of which I speak goes by the names Trailing Fishhooks, Fishhooks Plant, String Of Fishhooks,... Read more

How To Plant Paddle Plant (Flapjacks Kalanchoe) Cuttings

Thinking of planting succulent cuttings? These easy steps will help you get your paddle plant cuttings started and your plants on their way.

Sometimes your plants become much too happy, which leads to them growing and growing! My gorgeous Paddle Plant was no different. It was overtaking the other succulent beauties in the same pot they were all growing in. It was time for... Read more