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Monthly Archives: April 2018

What You Need To Know About Growing An Easter Cactus (Spring Cactus)

Want to grow an Easter Cactus (Spring Cactus)? Here is your guide on growing an Easter Cactus that's useful for any newbie or experienced gardener.

The cheery Easter Cactus, or Spring Cactus as it's commonly known these days, is sold in bloom throughout March and April. That bloom can extend well into May depending on the conditions your plant is growing in. But wait, don't... Read more

5 Easy Steps To Create A Salad & Herb Container Garden

Oh Spring, you’ve finally arrived and not a minute too soon! It’s that season when we gardeners are itching to get outside and sink our hands into the dirt. Here’s a project that takes hardly any time to do yet is so rewarding. This spring salad and herb container garden is so easy to create and looks good too.Herbs, lettuces and flowers mingle together beautifully. This is a great project for a beginning gardener because it doesn’t require a lot... Read more

How To Aesthetically Prune A Tropical Hibiscus In Spring

If you want a shrub with flamboyant flowers then vaboom, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is the plant for you. Frida Kahlo wore them in her hair in that sexy and colorful fashion. Some grow in a dwarf, compact form and others tall and open. My neighbor's was growing a bit too rangy and loose so I offered to prune her tropical hibiscus; plus I get the chance to share it here with you.Tropical Hibiscus (these are evergreen as oppose to the deciduous hibiscus Read more

Paddle Plant Propagation: How To Prune & Take Cuttings

When I moved from Santa Barbara to Tucson, I left my beloved garden and all those fleshy succulents behind. The ones planted in the garden stayed, and those in pots were given away to friends and neighbors.  A tear or 10 were shed but I did take cuttings of many of those plants to ease my pain and satisfy my horticultural itch. This is all about... Read more

13 Delightful Gift Ideas for the Gardening Mom

Does your mom have a love for gardening? Any gardening mom loves the outdoors, the smell of the plants, and the sound of the wind chimes. Those are certainly a few of my favorite things about my own garden. That's why I created a list of gift ideas for the gardening mom (which is good since Mother's Day is just around the corner!).Whether she’s an aspiring... Read more