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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Lucky Bamboo and Spider Mites: How To Prevent This Common Plant Pest

Lucky Bamboo can be subject to an infestation of spider mites. Here's how to prevent this common pest and also how to treat your plants.

Plants and pests go together like macaroni and cheese - if you have one, the other is bound to make an appearance. My friend presented me with a sickly-looking Lucky Bamboo leaf and I knew right away what it was. As long as I was helping... Read more

How I Water My Bromeliad Plants Indoors

I've been growing bromeliads for many years, both outdoors and as houseplants. They did beautifully in my Santa Barbara garden happily growing 7 blocks away from the ocean where they relished the moisture from the coastal fog. I've grown them in my homes in New York City, San Francisco and now here in Tucson. A few questions... Read more

Why You Should Be Adding Crystals to Your Garden

Gardens are usually full of blooming flowers and tasty herbs or vegetables, but these aren’t the only things gardeners should add to their plot of dirt. Garden crystals can be the perfect addition to a flower or vegetable garden. Here are the reasons why adding crystals to your garden can take it to the next level:

Beautiful Appearance

How To Propagate Christmas Cactus By Stem Cuttings

You can find Christmas Cactus sold practically everywhere during the holiday season making them a very popular blooming houseplant. These succulents are long lasting (if properly cared for of course) and grow along at steady, moderate pace. Once they're happy and burgeoning forth, you'll most likely be asked to share the love. To propagate Christmas Cactus... Read more

Pruning An Oregano Plant: A Perennial Herb With Soft Woody Stems

When my neighbor asked me to prune her oregano cascading out of a large terra cotta pot, I said "heck yeah". Not only do I love pruning (my nickname was "Prunella" years ago!) but I was also lending Mary a hand.  She hadn't pruned this herb since it was planted over 2 years ago - oh my.  Time for the overdue pruning of an oregano plant so all that tender new growth can appear as the weather warms.Herbs like lavender or thyme have harder woody stems. Oregano... Read more