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Monthly Archives: July 2017

10 Easy Care Houseplants For Low Light

Let's face it, not many of us live in glass houses with plentiful amounts of sun streaming in every day. You might live in a studio apartment with only a couple windows or in a house with a few darker rooms. Here are 10 easy care houseplants for low light. Although some of them would do better in medium light, they'll tolerate low light just fine.I see articles that say "houseplants that grow in no light or houseplants that grow in the dark". Not true. All... Read more

15 Easy To Grow Houseplants: Favorites That Are In It For The Long Haul

With our crazy and busy lives, aren't we always looking for shortcuts and ways to create more free time? Who has an hour a day to take care of their indoor plants? I've compiled a list of 15 houseplants which are easy to maintain and not at all hard to grow. These green beauties are my tried and true favorites which are in it for the long haul; no 6 month wonders here.

There are so... Read more

Teaching Children The Love of Gardening

Written By: Gwen Lewis

When I was a little girl, the extent of my gardening experience was being sent into the yard to trim the hedges and pull weeds when my sisters and I were arguing and driving our mother crazy. As I grew older, I was forbidden to get anywhere near the lawnmower due to my father’s horrific childhood accident resulting in two lost toes. Needless to say, this combination of factors was not a good way to encourage a love for gardening... Read more

Repotting Snake Plants: The Mix To Use & How To Do It

Snake Plants are one of my very favorite houseplants. Their spiky, patterned foliage is so interesting to me plus you can ignore them and they're happy as can be. I grow quite a few of them, both indoors and out, here at my home in the Arizona desert. It was time for repotting a few of my Snake Plants so I want to share with you the planting mix I used... Read more

Pruning A Star Jasmine Vine: When & How To Do It

I moved into a new home last year and inherited a tall and somewhat overgrown Star Jasmine. It didn't look horrible but I just wanted to do a little neatening up. Late this past winter a profusion of sweetly scented flowers appeared for weeks so it was well worth saving. This is all about pruning my Star Jasmine vine to lightly shape and rejuvenate it.Star... Read more