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Monthly Archives: June 2017

How To Create Succulent Planters From Vintage Books

Written and photographed by: Jimmy In The Garden

Succulents are a truly loveable group of plants. They come in all shapes and sizes and are beautiful to look at while being easy to grow. Perfect for any person with the faintest hint of green on their thumb.In this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can create a unique succulent planter from a repurposed old book.

What... Read more

Propagating A ZZ Plant By Division: Getting 3 Plants From 1

I love ZZ Plants because they're tough as nails, a snap to maintain and as handsome as can be.  That glossy foliage steals my heart. Mine, which moved with me from California to Arizona last year, was starting to overtake its spot in the kitchen. Let's just say that it's enjoying the desert heat to the max - it's growing like crazy! Dividing it seemed to be a logical solution and is one way of propagating a ZZ Plant.In late winter/early spring, my Read more

How To Work With Hanging Succulents Without All The Leaves Falling Off

You can see Trailing Jade & Fishhooks Senecio in this beautiful mixed succulent planting.Hanging succulents are the cat's meow, and if they're happy, will trail like crazy. I've gotten a few questions from Youtube viewers about how to work with them without all the leaves falling off. This shows you a little trick I use to minimize the amount which falls off and has always worked like a charm for me.I was simultaneously filming a video... Read more

How to choose the best gardening apron. Here are two of our favorites.

Let's be real here. Plants are flowers are wonderful but gardening can be down right dirty. Sometimes you want a bit of protection and that's how we became fanatics of aprons. Finding the one for gardening that best suits you is harder than you think. And that's why Nell decided to design two of them. These aprons are highly functional, sweetly stylish and made in America.If you're looking for a gardening apron, make sure to read this first. Nell has been... Read more

How I Decorated My Patio with Plants

I love nature and I love being outside. Don't get me wrong, living in New York City was a blast but it was those trips to Central Park which made my soul sing. My new home in the Arizona desert has 2 patios; 1 off the kitchen for dining and 1 off the living room for lounging.  Let's take a tour of the latter so I can show you how I decorated... Read more