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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Best Flowering Plants To Brighten Up Your Home For Christmas

Flowers always add a welcoming feel to any home. What better way to usher in the holiday season and the upcoming 2017 (how can that be?!) than with an array of gorgeous blooms. Some of the plants you'll see are more conventional and others might take you by surprise. 

3 Easy Christmas Ornament DIYs Using Succulents & Air Plants

The time to deck the halls, trim the trees and make merry has arrived once again.  Another Christmas season has swiftly crept in on snowy, frosty, boot clad feet. I live in the Arizona desert where the days are warm, filled with sunshine and there's not a snowflake in sight but the holiday spirit has filled my every bone regardless. Time to grab the paint, glitter, glue and create! Today I'm sharing with you 3 easy ornament DIYs using store bought items,... Read more

Neglected Rose Update: It’s Blooming Away Like Crazy & Looking Good

Have you been tossing, turning and unable to sleep at night since I published yesterday's post? Are you on the edge of your seat with wonder? This quick update is indeed, as evidenced by the beautiful bloom that you see above, a positive one. The neglected rose that I inherited when I moved into this house is blooming away like crazy since I pruned and cleaned... Read more

How to Prune Roses

I wouldn't have planted a rose here in the Sonoran Desert but when you move into a new house, you get the garden and all the plants along with it. The rose grows outside my bedroom window and stands over 6' tall.

I know it's a hybrid tea but couldn't tell which variety it was because the 2 flowers it produced were small and most likely off color. This happens when roses aren't properly... Read more

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas: 37 Elements To Inspire Your Thanksgiving Tablescape

Oh you know how I love flowers, yes I do.  That's the reason I wanted to share this Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas article with you. Some of my favorites for fall decorating are mentioned here - kumquats, jasmine vine, pink sedums, eryngium, marigolds, fall leaves, persimmons, magnolia pods, pomegranates, pepper berries and eucalyptus - so you'll have quite a few beautiful elements to choose from. May yourRead more

How To Create A Beautiful Outdoor Nativity Scene

The holiday season is fast approaching.  This means I'll be flying to the San Francisco Bay Bay right after Thanksgiving to to a Christmas decorating job that I've done for years. A large nativity scene graces the front corner of my client's front yard and gets lit every night when the spotlights turn on. It includes a stable custom designed by a carpenter... Read more

Gifts For Tillandsia aka Air Plant Lovers

Written By: Lucy Ferreira
Air plant lovers unite!  Some call them tillandsias or tillys and I'm sure you've seen them around because they've been a favorite for years now. Maybe you're already a tillandsia fanatic and want... Read more

Aloe Vera Pup Transplanting Plus Opuntia Joseph’s Coat

Aloe Vera, you're such a popular plant and rightly so.  When I moved from Santa Barbara and left my larger aloe behind, I made me a bit sad. There was no room for it in my car with the other 30 plants and 2 kitties crammed in there.  This pup (taken off that larger mother plant) did manage to get wedged in on top of my 3-headed Ponytail... Read more