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Monthly Archives: July 2016

How I Repotted My Hanging Succulent: The 6′ Trails Were A Challenge!

My Grey Fishhooks Senecio had trails over 6' long and was growing in the 6" pot just as it came from the grower's greenhouse.  It's been happily doing it's trailing thing in a very bright spot, with about an hour of direct sun, on the patio off of my living room enjoying the hot desert days and evenings.  This hanging succulent keeps on growing and I knew that the pot was getting way too small for it.

Time to spring into action and step up to a little... Read more

What Everyone Should Know About Growing Rosemary

Oh yes siree, rosemary is wonderful!  It's a woody perennial evergreen herb that's commonly sold as a shrub and is a member of the mint family. This is such an attractive plant to have in the garden and comes in a few forms, many sizes and is versatile and easy.  Here's what you should know about growing rosemary.

The Rosemary "Tuscan Blue" was 1 of the anchor plants... Read more

7 Ways You Can Increase Curb Appeal and Home Sales

This post, written by Bobbi Peterson, especially interested  me because I just moved from California to Arizona and sold a house.  Before my home went up for sale I did a lot of tidying up to make certain the gardens were neat and that the front porch and patios were inviting. Remember, curb appeal is very important and 1st impressions do matter!  

These 7 tips will help... Read more

1 Way To Get More Spider Plant Babies

I love wild and wacky Spider Plants but I love them even more when they produce lots of babies.  I got mine from Santa Ynez Gardens and bought it with me when I moved to Tucson.  It's hanging outside right near the front door but the grow pot just wasn't knocking my socks off. It really has sent a lot more babies in the 2 months that I've lived here but I wanted a jazzier decorative pot to put it in. This is 1 way to get more Spider Plant babies, which is... Read more

Pruning To Rejuvenate My Salvia Greggii

There are many different types, sizes and colors of salvias, both perennial and annual, which are all commonly planted the world over.  Here in Tucson, which is now my world, I inherited a very overgrown and extremely woody Salvia x greggii in my new garden.  I've been wanting to clean it up for weeks now and this past Sunday afternoon I had the time... Read more