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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Foxtail Fern: An Easy Care & Fun Plant

I've loved these tough yet attractive ferns ever since I saw a small 1 in a hanging pot in a greenhouse at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden many, many moons ago.

These sculptural, artsy plants have an edgy feel and definitely aren't delicate so no need to tiptoe around them.

Despite the confusing fact that this evergreen perennial has... Read more

Weekend Musings

 Greetings,Oh my goodness, life  and all that goes along with it has been busy this week.   So many things have been swirling around me and I just can't believe that it's Friday already.  My house is for sale which is a time and energy consuming process, that's for sure.  It's much easier to buy a house than to sell one plus, there's all the cleaning and tidying you need to do to keep it looking good.  I think I've done more... Read more

Weeping Pussy Willow Tree Care Tips

 The post and video I did about the pruning of a Weeping Pussy Willow has been surprisingly popular, to myself anyway, so I decided it was time to share everything I know about caring for this small weeping tree.  My client up in the San Francisco Bay Area ordered the 1 you see here from Wayside Gardens about 15 years ago which I planted and then maintained.... Read more

Bromeliad Care: How to Grow This Beauty Indoors

Bromeliads are tough, interesting and don't require much fuss. That's my kind of plant to have in a climate where gardening is a year-round activity. They're a very popular houseplant so I want to share with what I've learned over the years about caring for them indoors.

Oh Bromeliads, how I  love you!  I'm so happy that I'm able to grow a variety of these pineapple relatives... Read more

Weekend Musings

Greetings,A bouquet of fragrant pink lilies and a Happy 2016 to you my friend!  I'm almost out of my holiday haze and must say that I'm excited and extremely optimistic that this year will be a great one, or at least a merry roller coaster ride.  Besides, there's absolutely no need to go head onto into a new year with a negative attitude.  None of that for me please.We had almost 2 days of rain here in Southern California and all the plants... Read more