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Yearly Archives: 2016

We Love Succulents! 15 Of Our Current Favorites.

At Joy Us garden, succulents really rock our world. We love telling you everything we know and have learned about these fascinating plants so it seems that this is a fine way to wrap up 2016. They're fun to decorate with and we look for unusual ways to craft with them.  It's downright impossible to pick our favorite ones because they're all oh so wonderful. We did our best and made a list of our current 15 favorites (who knows, that could change next week!)... Read more

Planting An Unlikely Pair Of Succulents: Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana & Aeonium Arboreum

What's that saying about lemons? I've heard it many times and it's something about life giving you lemons so you make lemonade. Oh yes, and in this case, the result is an unlikely pair of succulents to share a pot. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with my Kalanchoe blossfeldiana and my Aeonium arboreum (the variety is autropurpureum) cuttings so I decided to plant them all together in my pretty blue Calla Lily pot which I've had for ages.Read more

7 Christmas Centerpiece Ideas: 30 Festive Elements for Your Holiday

Create a memorable holiday table this year with a Christmas centerpiece that will make your table stand out. No matter what your personal style is, whether it’s luxurious, modern or rustic, there are many ways to decorate your holiday table for your family to cherish.To inspire your holiday table decor, FTD curated these seven gorgeous Christmas centerpiece... Read more

2 Easy Last Minute Christmas Centerpieces – You Can Eat!

This festive time of the year is all about gathering, being grateful, decking the halls … and eating.  So many tables to adorn in so little time. I love decorating my own table with simple homemade elements, and if the ingredients come from nature, even better.  I want to share with you a last minute Christmas centerpiece idea with 2 options... Read more

Sparkling Decorations: How I Lighten & Glitter Pine Cones

There's a pine tree near my driveway of my new home and the beautiful medium-sized cones have been dropping off every now and then. Kerplunk - they make quite the sound when they hit the ground. Seeing them laying on the ground prompted me into Christmas crafting mode and inspired me to make a holiday centerpiece. These pine cones are a bit too... Read more

11 Festive Holiday Projects Using Pine Cones

Written By: Lucy Ferreira
Pinecones say Christmas like pumpkins say fall.  Including some in your decor is an easy way to make sure you fill your home with that holiday spirit. The good thing about this staple of holiday decor is its versatility. You'll see what I mean with the selection I've picked to share with you below.If you're into DIY holiday decor you should check Nell's books: Read more

Another Pruning Adventure: Getting My Bougainvillea To Bloom

Bougainvillea love in full force here! I've recently moved into a new home in the desert where 4 of them grace the garden. I had 2 very floriferous and artistically pruned bougainvilleas in my old garden by the sea which you can see here. This is all about how I pruned and trimmed my newly inherited "Barbara Karst" to get those fabulous blooms.This... Read more

Best Flowering Plants To Brighten Up Your Home For Christmas

Flowers always add a welcoming feel to any home. What better way to usher in the holiday season and the upcoming 2017 (how can that be?!) than with an array of gorgeous blooms. Some of the plants you'll see are more conventional and others might take you by surprise. 

3 Easy Christmas Ornament DIYs Using Succulents & Air Plants

The time to deck the halls, trim the trees and make merry has arrived once again.  Another Christmas season has swiftly crept in on snowy, frosty, boot clad feet. I live in the Arizona desert where the days are warm, filled with sunshine and there's not a snowflake in sight but the holiday spirit has filled my every bone regardless. Time to grab the paint, glitter, glue and create! Today I'm sharing with you 3 easy ornament DIYs using store bought items,... Read more

Neglected Rose Update: It’s Blooming Away Like Crazy & Looking Good

Have you been tossing, turning and unable to sleep at night since I published yesterday's post? Are you on the edge of your seat with wonder? This quick update is indeed, as evidenced by the beautiful bloom that you see above, a positive one. The neglected rose that I inherited when I moved into this house is blooming away like crazy since I pruned and cleaned... Read more