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Yearly Archives: 2015

Fiddleleaf Fig: Care Tips For This Fabulous Houseplant

The Fiddleleaf Fig, or Ficus lyrata, is one of my very favorite houseplants and always has been. I'm crazy for its huge, tough, leaves which are shaped like violins and look like road maps.

The Fiddleleaf Fig plant is especially favored by people by those who are fans of a groovy,... Read more

Tour My Garden With Me

This video was filmed in October and now it's January. A bit of a time lapse but the garden still looks the same 2 months later. That's how things go here on the coast of California.First of all, Happy New Year! I know, I know. I said back in November that I was switching over to a vlog format and for this first post of 2015, I'm throwing in a bunch of pictures. What's up with that? You'll find the video with me taking you on a tour in the middle of this... Read more