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Monthly Archives: October 2015

More Succulent Cuttings For You!

It's time to do a little thinning out which means I have more succulent cuttings to sell: direct from my organic garden to you.Oh goodness gracious, my Pencil Cactus (Euphorbia tirucalli) is getting so dense that I can't see through it anymore.  I love this plant but it's time to get out the trusty, well seasoned Felcos and have at it.  I'll be moving from Santa Barbara next year and won't be taking the ginormous estate pot which holds this delightful... Read more

A Fall Centerpiece With Succulents, Santa Barbara Style

This centerpiece, with fall fruits & vegetables, would be beautiful on your Thanksgiving table.  Or, for any occasion this fall!Fall to me means red, orange, yellow, gold, bronze and plum.  These colors can come in the form of berries, foliages, squashes, flowers or textiles.  I really don't care just as long as I have these tones in my home at this time of year.  I love making arrangements with fruits and vegetables because you can... Read more

Weekend Musings

Greetings,Halloween is just a week away and it's time to get our spooky on.  It’s that wild and crazy holiday we celebrate when it’s just fine to put on gobs of outrageous makeup which takes 2 days to get off, dress like that actor or musician everyone loves to hate and scare people just for fun.  If you need some last minuteRead more

Head’s Up: A Word Of Warning About Pruning Euphorbias

Euphorbias are wonderful but there's something you should be aware of when pruning them.Oh the wonderful world of Euphorbias - there are over 2000 species of them and most share this 1 thing in common.   I wanted to do this post for those of you who are new to this genus which includes poinsettias, crown of thorns, mediterranean spurge and flowering spurge because most of them emit, ooze or bleed a milky sap when pruned.  This sap is toxic and some euphorbias,... Read more

My Bougainvilleas: Fall Color In My Garden

Fall means warm, sunny & clear days here in Southern California.  My garden is still going strong but I do get a minute amount of color change.I was raised in Litchfield County, Connecticut - land of rolling hills, endless stonewalls, covered bridges and lots and lots of trees.  Big trees.  Those trees turned a myriad of colors in fall which is something I took for granted growing up.  I now live in Santa Barbara, California where the autumn... Read more

How To Get Your Christmas Cactus To Flower Again

Your Christmas Cactus may bloom on it own, but if not, here's what to do.  It can take a little effort, but when it's covered in flowers, it's so worth it.I've been growing Christmas Cactus since I was a little girl.  We had quite a few of them in our greenhouse in Connecticut which bloomed at the holidays with no effort at all.  Now I grow them in my garden in Santa Barbara where they enjoy our year round temperate climate.  Even if mine didn't bloom,... Read more

Weekend Musings

 Greetings,Here in seaside Santa Barbara, fall means the vibrant bougainvilleas are still going strong and the birds of paradise are starting to put on their big blooms.  That's our autumnal version of orange, yellow and red!  Just over the San Marcos pass lies the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley which is familiar to those fans of the movie Sideways because it further established this area as a destination.  The beautiful farmlands with... Read more

Add Some Orange Zest To Your Succulent Garden With Sedum Nussbaumerianum

Orange mania in the garden!  I love Coppertone Stonecrop & am sharing all I know about this jazzy succulent.I absolutely love orange in the garden so it was instant plant lust when I  first laid my eyes upon Sedum nussbaumerianum (or Coppertone Stonecrop in common speak) at a nursery here in Santa Barbara.  Should I buy 25 or them for my newly planted succulent garden or would 1 be enough?  I opted for 1 and have taken numerous... Read more

A Few Groovy Plants & A Bit Of VidCon

 Oh Youtube, how wildly popular you are!  The fans adore your many stars and were out in full force a couple of months ago at the Anaheim Convention Center, just a Mickey Mouse hat's toss away from Disneyland.  Lucy and I were there also to attend VidCon, the largest gathering on earth for people who love and adore online video.  I'll show you a bit of VidCon and of... Read more