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Monthly Archives: March 2015

10 Reasons Why I Love Gardening

 I live in a climate where I garden year round. This can be both exhausting and rewarding so my trusty Felcos never get a rest!  Someone recently asked me why I love gardening so much and I had to stop and think about the answer(s) for a bit. So, after some musings, I came up with not 1 but 10 reasons as to why I love gardening.1)  I was born into it.  I've beenRead more

My Farmers Market In Winter

I've been a vegetarian for 42 years now.  Egads, that's a long time!  The majority of what I eat now is plant based, fresh and organic.  Lucky for me, I live in Santa Barbara which is a big agricultural region with rich farmlands surrounding it. Our farmers market is on year round and you can find it 6 days a week within a 10 minute drive.The diversity of the produce is impressive with most of it being picked the day of or day before the market.... Read more

Hens And Chicks: The Succulent That Keeps On Giving

It's true, most succulents keep on giving in terms of the cuttings you'll get, but Hens and Chicks really hit the mark on this one.  Just look at the picture and you'll see tons of babies, or larger rosettes for that matter, just waiting to be cut out of the patch.  They're easy to care for, require little water and actually make good houseplants.

Something to know: there... Read more

A Plant With Major Attitude: Cup Of Gold Vine (Solandra maxima)

 Cup  Of Gold Vine, or Solandra maxima, is indeed a plant with major attitude.  It grows big  has ginormous flowers, huge buds and large, glossy foliage. This twining vine is not one for small spaces or flimsy structures. It requires room to grow and something sturdy for it to grow on.Read more

I Have Somethings To Show You: A Bromeliad Greenhouse

 You know how I love bromeliads!  They  grow in my side garden and I look at them many times a day on my way from the shed (the Joy Us garden world headquarters) into the house where the bathroom is. Not only are they interesting and easy to maintain, but... Read more