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Monthly Archives: February 2015

How To Grow Catnip: Your Cat Will Love You!

 Kitties , most of them anyway, love to frolic and roll in catnip.  I keep a pot of it out on my front porch so Oscar, my 15 year old tuxedo boy, won't totally devastate it in the house in 1 fell swoop. My other feline Riley could care less about this herb. That's how it goes with cats and catnip - some love it, others don't. Read more

Lucky Bamboo In LA’s Chinatown

Saying Santa Barbara that is a beautiful place to live and work is an understatement. But, let's face it, this girl needs a big city fix every now and then.

Fortunately, that fix is just 90 miles south (driving time: 1 1/2 to 4 hours depending on the traffic!) so an urban excursion every now and then is easily doable. I took the train down in January and worked in a romp through LA's... Read more

A Succulent To Brighten Up The Garden: Aeonium Sunburst

 Looking at this plant is like a day full of sunshine - radiant, warm and good mood inducing.  I've been coveting this succulent for ages now so when my neighbor gave me not 1 but 3, I was over the moon with horticultural giddiness. These Aeonium Sunbursts, with their large rosette leaves, are going to brighten my garden up in no time flat! Read more

I Have Somethings To Show You: LA Flower District Cut Flowers

 The LA Flower District is a floral wonderland smack in the heart of downtown.  Lucy and I met in Los Angeles a few weeks ago to hash out some "business stuff" face to face.  Early the next morning we made an excursion to this delightful place where we shot a few videos for you.  Get ready because there are lots of beautiful cut flowers coming your way. Read more

Crested Japanese Bird’s Nest Fern Care Tips

This is a far-out fern with a far-out name! I first saw this Crested Japanese Bird's Nest Fern, whose botanic name is Asplenium antiquum "Leslie", at our farmers market and had to have it. I love those wild, wavy edges and the crispy noise it makes when touched. This plant reminds me of an unusual green that I'd put in my salad. Crunchy new arugula perhaps?