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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Dracaena Janet Craig: The Quintessential Low Light Floor Plant

If you want a low light floor plant, then the Dracaena Janet Craig is for you. This houseplant thrives on neglect. Have I piqued your interest? To make this plant even more appealing, a tougher version of the old standby Dracaena deremensis Janet Craig has been introduced: Dracaena Lisa. I'm old school and still... Read more

I Have Some Things To Show You: Flowery Things In January

Head's up garden gluttons, I'm starting a new vlog series called I Have Some Things to Show You.  This will hopefully, most weeks anyway, be a sweet and short video of things I want to show you but don't want to focus on any one thing. Think of it as a media collage for your viewing pleasure.For the first one, I'm showing you some plants which are blooming in January in my garden as well the gardens of a few of my neighbors which are within... Read more

My Recent Garden Haul

Okay, I'll admit it, I watch a lot of videos.  I don't have a tv, and because I'm a YouTuber, I surf around on a variety of channels seeing what other vloggers in a wide range of categories are up to.  I try to concentrate on channels which educate me, but every now and then a haul video appears on my Mac screen. You know, beauty hauls, grocery hauls, Target hauls and the like. I recently bought quite a few things for my garden so I thought, why not do a... Read more

Fiddleleaf Fig: Care Tips For This Fabulous Houseplant

The Fiddleleaf Fig, or Ficus lyrata, is one of my very favorite houseplants and always has been. I'm crazy for its huge, tough, leaves which are shaped like violins and look like road maps.

The Fiddleleaf Fig plant is especially favored by people by those who are fans of a groovy,... Read more

Tour My Garden With Me

This video was filmed in October and now it's January. A bit of a time lapse but the garden still looks the same 2 months later. That's how things go here on the coast of California.First of all, Happy New Year! I know, I know. I said back in November that I was switching over to a vlog format and for this first post of 2015, I'm throwing in a bunch of pictures. What's up with that? You'll find the video with me taking you on a tour in the middle of this... Read more