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Yearly Archives: 2015

Weekend Musings

Greetings & Feliz Año Nuevo,Gadzooks, it seems like we were just welcoming in 2015 and now 2016 is just a few days away.  I think it's true that the older we get, the faster all the years go by.  As I kid I couldn't wait to grow up and leave home but now I sometimes wish I was 10 again running wild on the farm.  Yeah, yeah, I know it's a cliche but: if only I knew then what I know now!I'm enjoying a wee bit of... Read more

Our Top 5 Succulent Posts And Videos

I know I am not the only one out there who's a wacky succulent freak.  I'm so addicted to these intriguing beauties that I can't reject cuttings even though I have a garden full of them.  I should have a big ole bumper sticker on the back of my car which cautions: Warning, I Brake For Succulents!I grow them indoors... Read more

A Festive Succulent Wreath, And Merry Christmas!

Holiday Greetings,
No matter what holiday you celebrate at this time of year, may it be merry and bright.  This is to let you know that we really appreciate you reading this blog, visiting our website, following us on social media and watching our videos.  A big thank you with both arms outstretched!Here's a succulent wreath, all sparkled out for Christmas, which I made for you: