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Yearly Archives: 2014

How To Care For and Repot A Ponytail Palm

Today, I want to show you how to care for and repot a ponytail palmI bought this plant as a little specimen in a 6" pot at our Santa Barbara Farmers Market 7 years ago. I put it in an 8" terra cotta pot when I got home.Then, a few years later, into the 13" turquoise glazed pot it went. I could tell it was now feeling a bit stunted (how much would be made evident after I took it... Read more

Brugmansia Care Tips

This plant, also known as Angel's Trumpet, has large heavenly scented flowers which hang down en masse

Angel's Trumpets are impressive.  These large shrubs, which easily turn into small trees, stand head and shoulders above other plants in the garden.  Their height, breadth and masses of fragrant, trumpet shaped flowers... Read more

Simple Centerpiece Ideas Using Garden Flowers

Antique sterling silver baby cups & garden flowers go together like peanut butter & jelly!
I was digging through some long unopened boxes in my shed the other day and came across five sterling silver baby cups that my mom had saved and I somehow ended up with. Goodness, in that same box were a few sets of baby shoes that I believe had... Read more

The Easy Way To Hang Air Plants, Succulents & Flowers

Hang them from the trees, on a door, from the ceiling - anywhere you'd like!

I usually have 5 projects going at once so I'm all about saving time. The faster I do things, the more I can get done. This one you're about to see here goes together so quickly that you'll be shouting "eureka"! Here is the easy way to hang air plants, succulents and flowers.Read more

My Pruning Challenge

Has a plant ever presented you with a pruning challenge

This shrub has thrown me for a bit of a proverbial pruning curve ball but I'm on it like a fly on you know what. I was once deemed the nickname of "Prunella", and if I do say so myself, I'm a darn good pruner. I'm not talking about hacking here but well thought pruning when I have a purpose in mind that will benefit the plant.... Read more

A Beautiful Flower Show: Linnea In Monet’s Garden

A virtual visit to a re-creation of one of the world's most beloved gardens, Monet's home in Giverny.

These photos are certain to brighten up your day. After all, who hasn't dreamed about floating around with Monet's pond surrounded by water lilies in that... Read more

Spider Plants: Easy Care & Durable As Can Be

Spider Plants are the unruly wild child of the houseplant world.

Those long stems, with babies and flowers at the ends, just spray out any which way they want to! These hanging plants, with fleshy rhizomatic roots, need a bit of room to show off their... Read more

My Favorite Soil Amendment: Worm Castings

Earthworm castings (aka worm manure) are a great way to naturally condition the soil.We take vitamins, minerals, pills, powders and liquids to boost our health. Even though I eat copious amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables every day (thank you Santa Barbara Farmers Market!) along with grains, beans, nuts, etc, I still take a... Read more

Kalanchoe Care As A Houseplant & In The Garden

Oh, how I love succulents! And, a succulent with lots of long-lasting flowers is just the cat's meow. Enter the popular Kalanchoe blossfeldiana which is most commonly sold as a houseplant but here in Santa Barbara (USDA zone 10) mine enjoy the great outdoors year round. Here's how to take... Read more

A Dwarf Basil That’s Great In Pots

Oh basil; just the smell of it conjures up visions of summer. I love this herb and grew the large leafed Genovese Basil last year (which is great for pesto by the way!) but wanted a smaller one this season. Enter Fino Verde, a dwarf basil that's great in pots.The smallish, urn/bowl shaped pot that was holding lobelia which pooped out after year two needed some new green finery to grace... Read more