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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Staghorn Ferns Had Me At Hello

I love staghorn ferns ... each one is a horticultural work of art, truly. I remember distinctly when I first saw a staghorn fern. It was in a design or architecture magazine and there were several of them hanging on a wall stealing the show from all the furniture and artwork and I thought ... "wowza".

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My Secret Weapon For Planting A Cactus Dish Garden

My secret planting weapon keeps my paws spine free!

I was born and raised a New England girl. You know, mountain laurel, lilac, peony and sugar maple country. Not a cactus growing outside for thousands of miles around. My few years of living in Tucson, Arizona really made me appreciate them. And now that I'm a Cali girl (SoCal to be exact), they just make plain sense in our current... Read more

5 Things To Love About Pothos

This is the ultimate easy care, low light tolerant houseplant to come down the pike

I was in the interior plantscaping trade for years. I maintained 100's of Pothos and I put 100's of them in offices and... Read more

How To Care For and Repot A Ponytail Palm

Today, I want to show you how to care for and repot a ponytail palmI bought this plant as a little specimen in a 6" pot at our Santa Barbara Farmers Market 7 years ago. I put it in an 8" terra cotta pot when I got home.Then, a few years later, into the 13" turquoise glazed pot it went. I could tell it was now feeling a bit stunted (how much would be made evident after I took it... Read more