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Monthly Archives: June 2014

A Summer Centerpiece With Silk Flowers You Can Make Ahead

An Inexpensive Centerpiece Idea For A Garden Party,  Summer Luncheon or Bridal ShowerI was going to visit a friend one evening and much to my delight, right alongside to where I parked, was a pile of free stuff. I found a few treasures, because after all, you know what "they" say about one man's trash and another man's treasure.... Read more

How To Care For and Propagate Sedum Morganianum (Burro’s Tail)

You Might Know This Fascinating Succulent As Donkey's Tail

This sedum is a most handsome succulent. Mine happily resides in a large square terra cotta pot with my now 5-year-old Coleus "Dipped In Wine" (yes, they're technically perennials) and a Golden Weeping Variegated Boxwood which I brought home from Kew Gardens... Read more

Keep Your Houseplants Alive

Keep Your Houseplants Alive: A No Nonsense Guide To Keeping 27 Awesome Indoor Plants Alive & Kickin'.Our second book, Keep Your Houseplants Alive , is now out. Lucy... Read more

My 5 Must Haves For Gardening

what I use in the garden everyday

And yes, I do garden (almost) everyday. I live in Santa Barbara, California just a few blocks from the beach. With its temperate climate and wide range of plants materials that grow here, this seaside city is considered to be a gardener's paradise. Read more

A Planter for The Garden Created From Rock

Create a rustic, naturalistic planter for your garden

I love container gardening and have quite a few pots made from different materials on my porch, on all of my patios and in the garden itself.  A container, planter or pot (call it what you wish!) placed in the garden creates interest and can be used as a focal... Read more