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Monthly Archives: June 2014

A Summer Centerpiece With Silk Flowers You Can Make Ahead

An Inexpensive Centerpiece Idea For A Garden Party,  Summer Luncheon or Bridal ShowerI was going to visit a friend one evening and much to my delight, right alongside to where I parked, was a pile of free stuff. I found a few treasures, because after all, you know what "they" say about one man's trash and another man's treasure.... Read more

How To Care For & Propagate Sedum Morganianum aka Burro’s Tail

You Might Know This Fascinating Succulent As Donkey's Tail

This sedum is a most handsome succulent. Mine happily resides in a large square terra cotta pot with my now 5-year-old Coleus "Dipped In Wine" (yes, they're technically perennials) and a Golden Weeping Variegated Boxwood which I brought home from Kew Gardens... Read more

Keep Your Houseplants Alive

 Keep Your Houseplants Alive: A No Nonsense Guide To Keeping 27 Awesome Indoor Plants Alive & Kickin'.Our second book, Keep Your Houseplants Alive , is now out. Lucy... Read more

My 5 Must Haves For Gardening

what I use in the garden everyday

And yes, I do garden (almost) everyday. I live in Santa Barbara, California just a few blocks from the beach. With its temperate climate and wide range of plants materials that grow here, this seaside city is considered to be a gardener's paradise. Read more

A Planter for The Garden Created From Rock

Create a rustic, naturalistic planter for your garden

I love container gardening and have quite a few pots made from different materials on my porch, on all of my patios and in the garden itself.  A container, planter or pot (call it what you wish!) placed in the garden creates interest and can be used as a focal... Read more