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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Centerpiece Accented With Driftwood, Flowers, Succulents & Air Plants

A table arrangement that's nice to look at, and, you can eat!

Simply put, I love to make these (mostly) edible centerpieces. They come together in no time flat and really add a touch of nature to your table like nobody's business. For this one I used fruits, vegetables, driftwood, succulents and flowers. There's a video at the end where you'll see... Read more

Creating Succulent Wall Art On Palm Debris

When the mighty winds blow along our California coast, the palm debris does fall. It's nature's way of cleaning out the palms. I love to use it for crafting because it's so darned interesting and can be used in so many ways. I decided to create succulent wall art, along with a few air plants in the mix, on this piece of... Read more

The Pruning Of A Weeping Pussy Willow

This is how the Weeping Pussy Willow looked at the end of March 2014. As you can see, it's developed a beautiful structure.Here's the alternate title to this post: How To Make Good On A Bad Prune Job. This Weeping Pussy Willow tree, or Salix caprea "pendula", has been growing in my client's garden for about 11 years now. I'm no longer her full time gardener as I've since moved south to Santa Barbara. Read more

Pruning Buddleia Davidii aka Butterfly Bush

Who wants butterflies in their garden? Hand raised - I sure do!  Butterfly Bushes are host plants providing food, shelter and a place for the ladies to lay their eggs. The commonly planted Buddleia davidii has a very vigorous growth habit reaching skyscraper heights if left to its own devices. Here's the pruning of a very tall Butterfly Bush along with how and when to do it. A wee... Read more