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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Pruning Perennial Salvias

Salvias are popular all the world over.  I've seen them growing in England, the Canary Islands, Mexico and in many different places here in the US.  These plants are so versatile because they can comfortably fit into many styles of gardens from old fashioned cottage right up to modern simplistic.  They grow well here in California where our Mediterranean climate suits them to a tee and they are loved because they have a long bloom time.  Their non- thirsty... Read more

Cymbidium Orchid Care

Beautiful, wonderful Cymbidium Orchids!  I live in Santa Barbara,CA which has the greatest concentration of orchid growers in our country. The cymbidium season here is October through May so I always have a vase full of beautiful blooms in my house during these months.  They last for weeks. Both the cut flowers and... Read more

A Different Way To Create A Succulent Kissing Ball

Kissing balls are like year-round mistletoe.  If you see one, pucker up! This ages old tradition has been reincarnated in many different ways with different decor and different embellishments. They're not just for Christmas anymore. I have a garden full of succulents to... Read more

What To Do In A Drought With A Non Drought Tolerant Garden

Ways To Help Conserve Water In The GardenYes it's true, everything you've heard is spot on. California is in the throes of a drought.  Holey moley it's dry!  My own garden in Santa Barbara couldn’t get any more drought tolerant than... Read more

The Secrets Of Bougainvillea: Sharing All I Know About This Colorful Plant

I've done a few posts about bougainvillea but this one is straight up everything I know about it including planting and care.  I worked at a nursery in Berkeley, CA that carried bougainvillea and that's where I first learned a few things about it.  I've since moved south and in this part of the state, it's seemingly everywhere.  

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