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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Cryptanthus: My Latest Plant Crush

I've been loving and using bromeliads in my garden for two years now but it wasn't until recently that I discovered those cute little Cryptanthus' or Earth Stars.  What horticultural rock have I been hiding under?  They are now my latest plant crush.

A Quick, Inexpensive Thanksgiving Centerpiece Your Guests Will Love

Thanksgiving day is so busy and filled with food and laughter that no one has time to make a complicated centerpiece. And, isn’t it  so much nicer to have a little something decorative on the table to brighten it all up?  What I’m going to show you here is a very quick Thanksgiving centerpiece that won’t break the bank and your guests (and you!) will love.  We’ve done a Read more

Red Trumpet Vine

Distictis buccinatoria, commonly known as Red Trumpet Vine, Blood Red Trumpet Vine or Scarlet Trumpet Vine, is not for the horticulturally faint of heart nor those who detest pruning.  This fast growing climber can reach up to at least 30'-40' and has tendrils that grab onto anything it in its path.   It will attach on to you if you stand still long enough!  In other words, do not plan on... Read more

Flower Friday: Yellow Orchids

So many orchids, so little time.  There are a myriad of different types of orchids in the world and that makes my head spin - genus, species, hybrids, not to mention color, and on it goes from there.  Santa Barbara is one of the major orchid growing regions in our country so I see them at local growers, retail greenhouses, our farmers markets and the orchid shows and fairs that come to town.  When... Read more

How to Make An Easy Napkin Ring

Need an easy yet creative and unusual napkin ring idea?  If you like plants and flowers then this one's for you.  This project comes together fast, is inexpensive and something your guests can take home as a remembrance of the occasion.  It would be real simple to change the out the ribbon and flowers to match your decor or theme.  Head's up - there's a video waiting for you at the... Read more