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Monthly Archives: February 2013

An Enchanted Balinese Style Garden

Feeling like a little virtual trip to a Balinese style garden?  This post, complete with a video An Enchanted Balinese Garden at the end, will whisk you off for a peaceful journey adorned along the way with magical garden art.  The Sacred Space is just a short ten minute drive down the coast from my home... Read more

Alice In Wonderland In Chicago

Flower ShowWinter doldrums got you feeling a bit blah? Well then, this post is just the cure and these photos are certain to brighten up your day. After all, who doesn't love Alice and her cast of supporting... Read more

A Visit To Casa Dolores In Santa Barbara

I had ridden my zippy purple beach cruiser  by Casa Dolores here in Santa Barbara quite a few times but never stopped in.  There's a wall that surrounds the property and the gate was sometimes open but honestly I was never sure what the place was.  Then, during our August First Thursday celebration, Casa Dolores was one of the galleries on the venue.  What a hidden gem!  If you have any interest in Mexican art, this is the... Read more

Bougainvillea, So Much More Than Just A Vine

Bougainvillea is one of those plants that’s either loved or scorned upon.  Here in Santa Barbara it is seen all over town and there’s no denying that it provides an impressive explosion of color.  It is one of our “weeds” - right up there in quantity of sightings with Foxtail Agave, Torch Aloe and Bird of Paradise.  Bougainvillea is a very vigorous grower and is most commonly thought... Read more

Propagating My Coleus

Money for nothin' and your plants for free - propagating Coleus is as easy as can be.   I bought the mother plant of this pictured Coleus, "Dipped In Wine", 4 years ago come this May.  I took cuttings of  it last week (see the video below to see how I did it) and already just 7 days later little roots have started to appear.  The cuttings I took were generous, about 10'' or so, because I want the plant to have a jump up... Read more