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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Christmas At Roger’s Gardens

Roger’s Gardens in Corona del Mar, California is a destination.  Heck, they even have a food truck schedule posted for weekend shoppers.  Yes, you will spend hours at this place and need sustenance to keep your energy up while cruising this 7 acre horticultural and outdoor living playground.  I burned calories just from desiring everything I saw!... Read more

Decorative Painting For The Garden

I love to dabble with paint.  It is important to me to keep things out of the landfill any and every opportunity I get.  Paint can totally transform something old, plain and blah into a focal piece.  I use paints leftover from exterior and interior house projects - just as is or mixed together to create a new color.  Always on hand in my work shop is a large selection ofRead more

I Ate My Thanksgiving Centerpiece!

Okay, so Thanksgiving isn't here yet but I did eat the trial run of my centerpiece,  most of it anyway.  For our November newsletter I made a fall table scape with goodies from our farmers market and my garden.  Lucy then put the steps to it's creation along with the finished product and close ups... Read more