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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Lady Slipper And Bulldog Orchids

These fascinatingly intricate and beautiful plants, whose genus is Paphiopedilum, were looking fabu at the Santa Barbara International Orchid Show held a couple of weeks ago.  They tickled my fancy because some of them just look plain unreal!   I have already showed you some of the Cymbidiums looking good at the show and now it's time for  pictures of the Lady Slipper... Read more

Stylish and Sturdy Accessories For Savvy Gardeners

Spring has arrived and summer is not far behind!  We're  happy to announce the new website for Joy Us garden just in time for that glorious... Read more

Cymbidiums at the Santa Barbara International Orchid Show

Plants and Sculpture at the San Diego Botanic Garden

Plants and art - two things dearly loved here at Garden Gluttony!   The beautiful San Diego Botanic Garden  is not only home to plants from all over the world, but it also showcases a diversity of sculpture from local artists throughout the gardens.  It's a great mix of both.  I showed you the Read more