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Yearly Archives: 2012

Caring For My Tillandsia Cyanea

You might remember a post from a few months ago called "Terrific Tillandsias" .   Now I'm going to show you a Tillandsia which is so easy to care for that can actually grow in soil.  Tillandsia cyanea, or Pink Quill Plant, is an epiphyte like its now trendy... Read more

Ideas For Christmas Decorations

Ho ho ho -  we're knee deep in the holiday season once again.  And for me, that means I  head up north right after Thanksgiving to do a Christmas decorating job I've done for quite some time now.   Everything used has been collected over the years and is pulled out to turn the outside into a holiday wonderland.  The  front porch is made festive with penguins, nutcrackers and garlands -  it... Read more

Christmas At Roger’s Gardens

Roger’s Gardens in Corona del Mar, California is a destination.  Heck, they even have a food truck schedule posted for weekend shoppers.  Yes, you will spend hours at this place and need sustenance to keep your energy up while cruising this 7 acre horticultural and outdoor living playground.  I burned calories just from desiring everything I saw!... Read more

Decorative Painting For The Garden

I love to dabble with paint.  It is important to me to keep things out of the landfill any and every opportunity I get.  Paint can totally transform something old, plain and blah into a focal piece.  I use paints leftover from exterior and interior house projects - just as is or mixed together to create a new color.  Always on hand in my work shop is a large selection ofRead more

I Ate My Thanksgiving Centerpiece!

Okay, so Thanksgiving isn't here yet but I did eat the trial run of my centerpiece,  most of it anyway.  For our November newsletter I made a fall table scape with goodies from our farmers market and my garden.  Lucy then put the steps to it's creation along with the finished product and close ups... Read more

Halloween Decoration Inspirations

Another Halloween post in a week?!  Well, this is the same Halloween decorating project I showed you in last week's post .  Why again you ask?    The answer is simple:  I snap with a little point and shoot camera which must fit in my jean pockets or pics... Read more

Halloween Decorating Extravaganza!

"When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, tis near Halloween".

Halloween is a holiday loved by children and adults alike.  It's a great reason for everyone to dress up and play out life like their favorite, crazy character - pirate wenches, Disney princesses and Angry Birds will be seen in towns from coast to coast.   In 2011, 1 billion was spent on kids costumes, 1.21 billion... Read more

Fall Road Trip to the Santa Ynez Valley

Oh, the lovely Santa Ynez Valley - how close you are but yet so seemingly far away!   We took the short 30 minute drive over the scenic San Marcos Pass leaving Santa Barbara, its beaches, palm trees and red tiled roofs in the distance.  When you descend from the pass and hit the valley you are entering into a different world and landscape surrounded by ranches, vineyards, oak trees and sagebrush.

This... Read more

Santa Barbara Orchid Fair

I went to the 32nd Annual Santa Barbara Orchid Fair  back in July and now it’s time to share some photos (and there are many of them) from that event with you.   I’m not going into the details off the event as the link I just listed says it all clearly.  I will say that two noted gentlemen in the world of everything Orchid were there - Dr. Mark Chase of Kew Royal Botanic... Read more

Terrific Tillandsias, aka Air Plants!

Tillandsias, part of the Bromeliad family,  are fascinating plants!  The ones I’m showing you are epiphytic Tillandsias which in nature grow are attached to other plants.  You might know them as Air Plants, which is their common name.  They definitely have a wacky and interesting growth form which makes them prime decorating material.Another big bonus is that they're oh soRead more