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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Peonies and Ants

Ants On Your Peonies ... It's Just Fine ... They've Been Hanging Out For Years!Peonies close up photo.Put away the insecticides because the Peonies are as happy with the ants as... Read more

My Giant Bird Of Paradise

My Giant Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia nicolai) is growing at the end of the driveway right next to the street - it's a good marker for people trying to find the house for the first time.  I used to say "when you see the 20' Bird of Paradise at the end of the street, turn right."  The tallest stem was removed a few months ago ( it was starting to lean like that tower in Pisa!)  ... chainsaw required.  Now it is only 15' ... a massive plant none the less.... Read more

Oh Bougainvillea – How Colorful You Are

Colorful and eye-catching now but in about a month or so I'll be turning my lip up at all those fallen bracts I have to sweep.   Not to mention the fact that this Bougainvillea glabra has thorns like lion's teeth and I'm "all tore up" after its prune job ...A true love/hate... Read more