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Yearly Archives: 2011

Gardens I Visited This Year

Enjoying the San Diego Botanic Garden

For the final blog post of this year I decided to do a recap of the gardens I toured this year - all happen to be in California and... Read more

Ideas and Tips To Make Your Christmas Merry and Bright

The Holidays are upon us once again (where did this year go?!) and it's time to add a little sparkle and festivity to our lives.  I was a professional Christmas Decorator in the Bay Area for years and have a few pointers for you as you get ready to deck the halls.  Plus, I'll show you some pictures of a job I just did featuring Santa, his trusty reindeer, penquins in their holiday best, nutcrackers and a nativity scene adorned with fallen palm flowers and... Read more

The Bamboo Garden At The San Diego Botanic Garden

 Blue skies, sunshine, warm November temperatures, 4 miles of trails and 3,300 varieties of plants - we were in horticultural heaven! The SDBG... Read more

Succulent Gardens and Plantings

Succulents - I just love them!  Wacky shapes, the variety of colors and sizes available make them oh so appealing.  And, most of them flower in an assortment of colors.  They are easy to maintain, require little water and are very easy to propagate.  Simply heel them off (make a clean cut and let the end of the stem dry out) and leave them in a bright but dry location for 1-4 months.   You will see the roots starting to... Read more

Glimpses of Dartington Hall

[caption id="attachment_2872" align="aligncenter" width="504"]Memorial Figure by Henry Moore Memorial Figure by Henry Moore[/caption]What I remember most about this beautiful place in rural Devon County, England is its park-like... Read more

Halloween Decorating Tips and Ideas

"When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween."

- author unknown

October 31st is just around the corner so I wanted to share with you all a decorating job I've done in the San Francisco Bay area for 15 years.  The Lady of... Read more

My Orange Tree is infested!

My beloved Citrus, which yields me so much bounty, has thrips, mealy bug and even a touch of scale.  It's not a pretty sight close up.  Regardless, it bears luscious fruit which I use for smoothies, poaching, salad dressing, flavoring water and more - if I had a bathtub, I'd bathe in it!   If you refer back to this post "A Story of Thrips and Bad Pruning"  you'll see part of the cause of this horticultural nightmare - the neighbor's closely planted Myoporoum... Read more


 I love these sensational, architectural and tough as nail plants which thrive on neglect!  And to add to their appeal, they are considered to have good Feng Shui because their leaves point straight up towards the heavens.   Using those same Feng Shui principles they are often placed at the entrance of the home to welcome in good fortune and send the evil spirits flying away.   The common names I learned for Sansevieria... Read more

The Glass Pavillions At The Berlin Botanic Garden

"Plants Are Our Future" - Botanic Garden & Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem

I went to Berlin... Read more

Butterflies Alive! At The Santa Barbara Museum Of Natural History

"If nothing ever changed, they'd be no butterflies"

- author unknown

Want to walk intimately amongst 1,000 live, fluttering, feasting butterflies?   Then come to The... Read more