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13 Delightful Gift Ideas for the Gardening Mom

Does your mom have a love gardening? Any gardening mom loves the outdoors, the smell of the plants, digging in the dirt & the sound of wind chimes. That's why I created a list of delightful yet useful gift ideas for the gardening mom (or any woman!).

a collage showing 2 pairs garden scissors, 2 lime green gardening tubs, a chartreuse bird feeder & light blue pruners the text reads 13 delightful gifts for the gardening mom

Does your mom have a love for gardening? Any gardening mom loves the outdoors, the smell of the plants, and the sound of the wind chimes. Those are certainly a few of my favorite things about my own garden. That’s why I created a list of gift ideas for the gardening mom (which is good since Mother’s Day is just around the corner!).

Whether she’s an aspiring beginner, or has years of experience, she will enjoy additional touches to her budding backyard oasis. I’ve compiled this list of delightful gifts that any gardening mom will love!

Here are 13 Delightful Gift Ideas for the Gardening Mom that I’m sure she’s going to adore:

The Gardening Essentials

GardenHOME 7-piece all-in-one garden tool set

a complete tool kit for gardening

A portable and easy to store tool set, this is the perfect gift for a newbie or seasoned gardener. Mom can keep all her tools in one place so she won’t have to worry about losing track of what she needs. I wish I would have had something like this when I first started gardening!

Kneeling Pad


An accessory often forgotten about, this kneeling pad is something every gardener uses frequently. It helps you stay comfortable while sitting or kneeling on the ground for long periods of time. Mom will certainly enjoy the extra cushioning!

Rubber Boots


Your mom won’t even realize how much she needed these boots until she has them! Rainy days or even the day after means that a gardening will be muddy and wet. Rubber boots will certainly keep her dry and comfortable while she cares for her plants.

Scissor Set


Scissors are needed to trim your plants! The more a garden grows, the more maintenance it will need. That makes scissors a necessity. It’s good to use these before it’s time to prune the plants.




Plants need to be pruned regularly so your mom will want to have a pruner at the ready! Pruners are a type of scissors that are designed specifically to trim plants. They can cut branches from trees and shrubs (up to two inches thick).

Sharpener for Your Pruner


Since she will be using a pruner frequently, she will want to take good care of it. A sharpener like this is perfect. You can store both of these items in the tool kit listed above too!

Sun Protecting Shirt


Many gardeners don’t even know that these shirts exist! Instead of buying expensive sunscreen, you can wear this Vapor Apparel Shirt that provides UV Protection. They are made of a light, airy fabric so you won’t feel to hot working under the sun. They come in several colors and sizes and are very comfortable to wear!

Personal Touches Your Mom will Love

Hanging Planter


Similar to a hanging pot, this hanging planter can complement your kitchen, back porch, or even part of your outdoor garden. You can place some of your favorite plants within for an added touch to your home or backyard garden. This one can hang at eye length too, so watering these plants will be as simple as can be.

Keep Your Houseplants Alive

the cover of an ebook the text reads Keep Your Houseplants Alive a non nonsense guide to keeping 27 awesome plants alive & kickin'

I had to include my very own houseplant care book to the list! It’s a handy how-to guide to help any gardener improve the quality of their houseplants. There is so much helpful information here at one low-cost!

Glass House Bird Feeder

If your mom would enjoy a pop of color in her garden, then she will really enjoy these bright bird feeders. A garden would feel incomplete without chirping birds around! Plenty of birds will be stopping by so enjoy!

Flexible Garden Tub


These tubs are flexible and make it easy to carry your plants around. What a great idea! I love the pop of color too.

Ballston Tricycle Plant Stand


How cute! This plant stand is truly whimsical. It’s built for indoor or outdoor use, which means it can be the perfect addition for any environment! Imagine giving this to mom along with her favorite flower in a pot!

Festonada Resin Pot Planter



Isn’t it beautiful?! This pot planter was built to last, and it will compliment your mom’s favorite plant. A planter like this will be a decorative addition!

There you have it! I wanted to provide a list for Mother’s Day because it’s approaching sooner than you think. However, these gifts can be purchased for anyone at any time of the year. Delightful gifts for the gardening mom (or any woman) should certainly occur more often, don’t you think? Save this list because I’m sure you’ll want them for Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthday, or just because!


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  1. Where can I buy the very small trowel you are using in the video planting succulents in pots without drainage holes. That would be perfect to add to my gardening tools! Love watching your videos!

  2. Hi Debbie – Love that little tool! I got mine as part of a set years ago. Here’s a similar one: Nell

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