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11 Festive Holiday Projects Using Pine Cones

Pinecones can be used in so many ways when decorating for Christmas. You have a wide range of festive holiday projects using pinecones to choose from here. Some fun, some traditional & some modern.

Festive Holiday Projects Using Pine Cones
Written By: Lucy Ferreira

Pinecones say Christmas like pumpkins say fall.  Including some in your decor is an easy way to make sure you fill your home with that holiday spirit. The good thing about this staple of holiday decor is its versatility. You’ll see what I mean with the selection I’ve picked to share with you below.

If you’re into DIY holiday decor you should check Nell’s books: Ornaments To Make Your Christmas SparkleMother Nature Inspired Christmas Ornaments.

Pine Cone DIY Kissing Ball

The tradition of decorating with kissing balls comes from the Middle Ages. These beauties are usually hung from the door as a symbol of good fortune and love. Add some romance to your holidays with this gorgeous kissing ball made with pine cones.

10 Holiday Decor Projects Using Pinecones

A Holly Berry Vine Wreath Christmas Ornament

All of the ingredients used in this one were bought at craft stores. In case you don’t feel like forging for the ingredients in nature, a visit to the store will do. I bet you can even find all these ingredients online too – no need to go outside at all! This holly berry vine wreath is for glitter fans.

10 Holiday Decor Projects Using Pinecones

DIY Snow Covered Pinecones

Moving right along with the glitter love, here are these pine cones with vintage glitter. I need to include these super simple snow covered pinecones. Why? Because they’re easy to do and versatile to use.


Pretty Pine Cone Wreath DIY

This wreath with white painted pinecones is not for traditional decor.If you’re looking for a clean and  minimal look, this one’s for you. If not, use red, green or gold instead of yellow. Or combine those colors to make it more traditional. Either way, this is an easy one to make.

10 Holiday Decor Projects Using Pinecones

Pine Cone Christmas Trees

How adorable are these mini Christmas trees made with pinecones? They’re  simple to do and only use few ingredients. Put them on your dining table as favors or add them to your coffee table for a bit of whimsy. I’m sure that after making them you’ll find a lot of different uses for them and places where they can go.

10 Holiday Decor Projects Using Pinecones

DIY Pinecone Animals

If you have little ones and are looking to keep them entertained indoors crafting this one’s a great option. I’m sure they’ll love creating these cute little animals made with pinecones. They also make great ornaments if you just add a hanger on top.

10 Holiday Decor Projects Using Pinecones

Felt and Pine Cone Elves

These cute pinecone & felt elves are another option of a craft to do with kids. If you have the time you can do both the animals and the elves – they both use very similar ingredients. What a fun combo!


Rustic Pinecone Wreath

I always gravitate towards the rustic and simple style in decor. This is why this  rustic wreath needed to be included.

10 Holiday Decor Projects Using Pinecones

How to Make a Pinecone Garland

Do you live close to a forest filled with pinecones?   You can try creating a pinecone garland . Make it as long as you like!


DIY Painted Cinnamon PineCones

Here’s another modern and clean option for your minimal decor. My favorite part about this craft is that these painted pine cones are also scented with cinnamon, that classical holiday scent.

10 Holiday Decor Projects Using Pinecones

DIY Pineapple Pinecone Ornaments

Last but not least we have these very unconventional  but fun pineapple pinecone ornaments. Maybe you’re craving summer days or want a switch from your usual holiday style. Either way, check these out.


Wishing you an inspired and festive homemade holiday season!


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