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10 Ways To Hang Your Succulents

Are you looking for succulent display ideas? Here are 10 ways to hang your succulents indoors or out. We hope these inspire you!

a kissing ball filled with succulents next to a frame filled with succulents at the bottom theres a pallet structure filled with succulents print text says 10 ways to hang your succulents

Written By Lucy Ferreira

I’ve got this thing with succulents. Whenever Nell and I go on nursery tours, I always gravitate to this little fleshy beauties. This is why we have so many pictures with all kinds of different ways to display them. Today, I’ll be focusing on ways to hang them, either with a hook or on the wall.  I hope this compilation of 10 ways to hang your succulents inspires you.

In this video you’ll see even more than 10 ways to hang your succulents:

1)  Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are a great option because they allow your succulents to drain properly every time you water them.

2)  Pallets

Pallets are having a moment now and it’s because they are so versatile! They also have an appealing rustic look. You can use them as wall frames bare wood just as they are or paint them to suit your fancy.

3)  Fabric Pockets

These are easy to install and come in a variety of different forms: to hang on the wall, as hanging containers and even as individual hanging pockets.




4)  Kissing Balls

For those creative types who like to be playful with their plants, this is the way to go, add succulents inside a kissing ball!



5)  Wall Planters

Nowadays, there are lots of different styles of wall planters: from modern to classic & metal to plastic.


 rustic yet modern metal wall planter filled with succulents


6)  Wreaths

A succulent wreath is a great way to welcome anyone into your home or have hanging on your kitchen wall.




7)  Frames 

Why not use your succulents as living art? Even a forsaken frame can turn into a creative masterpiece.



8)  Gutters on Pallets

Reuse at it’s finest! This is a clever way to use almost discarded  materials and give them a chance to shine.




9)  Window Frame with Terra Cotta Pots

Here’s a more elaborate display. But if you have an old window frame, up-cycling it this way is a good choice.



10) Driftwood

My personal favorite. There’s something about the color of driftwood that plays beautifully with the color and texture of succulents. These combinations all end up being living succulent sculptures.



I hope these pictures give you lots of inspiration. Do you have any creative ways of your own to hang succulents?


I’d love to know because I’m always on the lookout for new ideas! Please let me know in the comments below.
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Happy gardening,




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  1. What kind of wire are you using to hang the air plant I see you are twisting it. Does it come in colors.

  2. Hi Judy – I use bendable aluminum floral wire. You can find it in craft stores or online. It come in many colors. Nell

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